Achieving personal, professional and global growth by providing resources to produce the printed word.

Mission & Core Values

Vegas Ink & Toner provides customers with high quality products and expertise to express their ideas. We believe in promoting ethical & sustainable business practices that benefit everyone we do business with and strive to develop strong partnerships with people in the communities that we serve. To that end, we are committed to instilling the following values in our everyday practices:

  •  Be Truthful – Always act with integrity.
  •  Be Fair – Create mutually beneficial solutions.
  •  Be Expeditious – Act promptly, effectively and with purpose.
  •  Be Cost-Effective – Select prices that offer the best value.
  •  Be Sustainable – Promote recycling practices that contribute to sustainability.
  •  Be Philanthropic – Enhance the communities around us.
  •  Be an Overachiever – Strive to exceed expectations.