How to Keep Children Safe While Learning Online

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How to Keep Children Safe While Learning Online

As a business owner and a parent, I understand how important it is to feel safe at work and at home. My kids and I have been staying in for an extended period, and it inspired me to research tips on how to keep them safe as they take on school virtually. Below is some information you can use and actions you can take today to protect while learning online.  


With that being said, I wish all the parents and students a successful academic year! 


  • Research your options for routers – Parent controlled routers are growing in popularity as an easy-to-install solution. The current routers that we have at home provide useful internet control features. Just be sure to read the instructions or internet provider tips. 
  • Put a cover on your webcam – Keep webcams covered when not in use and make sure privacy settings are on. Show your kids how to close a webcam properly or cover it.
  • Check your anti-virus program’s status – Make sure your child’s device is running the latest software. If your subscription is over, look for other free anti-virus programs that are available. 
  • Create an account for your kids – If you don’t use the Chromebook but share your computer for the online learning, make a separate account for your kid. It will prevent them from accessing games or other unwanted files. You can always grant them more access on a case-by-case. 
  • Talk to your kids about social media safety – Kids want “likes” and “followers,” and that’s why they are on social media. They must know not to disclose personal information online that may put them in danger.

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