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10 Most Common Printer Problems in the Office

10 Most Common Printer Problems in the Office

Dealing with a communal or private office printer can be a constant challenge. Sometimes not everyone in the office knows the right way to deal with the printer, and the results can be maddening. Of course, you should find the top printer repair shop in your local area when nothing else seems to work, but some printer problems can be resolved without involving a third party. Here are some of the most common printer problems and how to fix them.

1. The printer will not print

This tends to happen usually due to user error unless there is some larger underlying issue with your printer. Check to make sure your printer is still connected to your device, either through a USB port or the Internet connection. If you are using a new printer, make sure the driver software has been installed. There is a chance the driver software has been corrupted, in which case it needs to be reinstalled—check the manufacturer’s page to download it.

2. Lots of paper jams

Though this is not nearly as big of a problem as it was with printers a decade or two ago, paper jams are most commonly caused by misalignment. Check that the paper is properly aligned when you insert it and that the tray is not overloaded.

3. Running out of ink

When is it time to replace your ink cartridge? Sometimes, your printer may say it is running out while it still continues printing; ink warnings vary widely in regards to accuracy and are not always perfect. When printer output starts slowing down, that is when you know it is almost time for an ink replacement.

4. Photos print poorly

If you are not satisfied with how your printed photos appear, be sure to check that you are using the right type of paper. Also, change your software settings for that specific type of photo paper.

5. Cannot print from a mobile device

You can only print from mobile devices to relatively new printer models that have Wi-Fi capabilities. Otherwise, do some research on your mobile printing options.

6. Slow Wi-Fi printing

Printing time should increase the closer your Wi-Fi connected printer is to the router. Be sure your router has up-to-date firmware. If necessary, you could add a wireless extender to improve its performance.

7. Text looks poor

Though some printers have higher quality inkjets or lasers than others, you can try replacing a cartridge or giving your inkjet a nozzle cleaning to improve the visual text output.

8. Scanner stopped working

For multifunction printers, you may have to reinstall driver software to make the scanner start working again. This is a highly common problem with lower end MFPs, as they do not come with high-quality scanners.

9. Printer is too slow

While some printers are just slower than others, turning it to the lowest quality setting, like draft mode, for non-essential printing is an easy way to speed it up.

10. It costs too much to print

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