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Company History

Our story begins in 2007 when Vegas Ink & Toner opened as a franchise print cartridge and printer repair shop under the name Rapid Refill of Las Vegas. Our customers have come to know us for our prompt, many times same-day, delivery service, expert printer repair and of course, our name brand and eco-friendly compatible ink cartridges. In 2015 we moved away from the franchise to better serve our customers by adding additional services and features – and that list keeps growing through today! Most recently we moved our retail store to a more centralized location, providing easier access for walk-in customers and quicker delivery service. We are also expanding our product lineup to include printer sales.


Adam Heaivilin

As a seasoned professional in the imaging supplies industry, Adam started as a customer service rep and worked up to VP of Marketing & Retail at the largest importer of laser toners. He is all about improving the customer experience! Adam works diligently in the background to make things easier for your customers to do business with us and improve our processes to support our valued customers better.

Lia Heaivilin

Lia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry to bring the best quality products at affordable prices. She worked at HP in Sales & Marketing before becoming a VP of Products at one of the nation’s largest compatible toner wholesalers & retailers. Lia knows the ins and outs of our products and sources only the best. She also leads our sales efforts to let businesses know what we offer.

As you may have noticed, Lia and Adam are husband and wife, married since 2016. They met in college (UNR in Reno) in 2006 and worked together until that company sold in 2018. They traveled the world together, had a baby boy in 2020, and are now on this adventure together to serve the Las Vegas Valley. Please contact Lia anytime if you’d like to share feedback or learn more about how we can help your business focus on business matters instead of printing matters!