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10 Holiday Tech Gifts College Students Will Appreciate

10 Holiday Tech Gifts College Students Will Appreciate

We know that buying the perfect gift is never easy, especially for those in the younger crowd among your family and friends. Fortunately, you can always rely on a solid technology gift to make them smile while making their life a bit more user-friendly.


So, to help you get the perfect technology gifts for college students, consult our following gift guide:


1. Philips SPS2150WA Travel Charger

As recommended by Cnet, this travel charger is great because it folds out for easy carrying and storage that won’t bend its prongs. It provides two USB charging ports and a replacement wall outlet for ultimate convenience.


2. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard

This keyboard may look odd, but it is the perfect solution for students that type endlessly and worry about their wrist health. It can also come in handy if they get an office job after graduating.

If ergonomics isn’t their concern, you can also try this Anker Ultra-Slim Wireless Travel Keyboard that can pair with computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices.


3. Lightning to 3.5 mm Dongle

Apple removed the familiar 3.5 mm headphone jack from their latest iPhone, but they were nice enough to include an adapter in the box. Buy your student a second one in case they lose the first one or want to keep one extra in their car at all times.


4. Portable Battery Chargers

We have become more dependent on our devices than ever, so having them die at a key moment can feel devastating. Prevent this by gifting your student with a portable battery charger, most of which are under $30!


5. Microsoft or Logitech Wireless Mobile Mouse

Both the Logitech 325c and Microsoft 3500 mice come in a fun series of colors while providing extended battery life and comfortable contour grips at an affordable price.


6. Divoom Voombox Travel 3

Bluetooth speakers are a great gift idea for your young DJ on-the-go, and this particular model looks great and is rugged enough to clip onto anything safely.


7. Chromecast

Chromecast takes streaming video and music from a smartphone or other device and broadcasts it onto a nearby TV set. Why crowd around a tiny screen when you can blow up the image for everyone to see? Best of all, most Chromecast products are relatively cheap!


8. Banana Phone Stand

Even with a device like Chromecast, your student will end up watching their phone’s screen a lot. Free up their hands with a cute and functional phone stand. We recommend this banana-shaped one because it’s appealing and, as Michael Bluth from Arrested Development says, “there’s always money in the banana stand.”


9. Game Controller

PC gamers may curse their keyboards when playing certain games, so supply your student with a USB controller from Logitech or a Wired Xbox 360 Controller, the latter of which can often be found used at your local game store.

Alternatively, you can upgrade them to this slick, Nintendo-themed controller that pairs with Android and iPhones as well as PCs and Macs.


10. Ink Cartridge Replacements

Replacement ink cartridges may not be as exciting as other entries on this list, but they are a necessity and often hard to budget for a college student. Get them the gift that keeps on giving through beautiful print jobs when you supply them with Las Vegas replacement ink cartridges. Our cartridges are compatible with all big name printer brands and supplied by a friendly, locally owned business.


You can also sign them up for one of our printer maintenance programs to keep their systems running smooth at all times.


We hope the college student or recent grad on your list loves these high-tech stocking stuffers! Have a happy holidays, everyone!

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