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10 Things To Do In Las Vegas This Summer

10 Things To Do In Las Vegas This Summer

Whew, you feel that? It’s heating up here in Las Vegas! This isn’t news, as we’re one of the hottest cities in the world, and fortunately, anyone who’s lived here more than a few months quickly adapts to the dry heat. The summer does bring more than just a reason to crank up the AC, and the middle months of the year are actually some of the best times to enjoy some of Vegas’ greatest attractions! Here are 10 things to do in Las Vegas this summer:


  1. The Neon Museum

Some of Vegas’ greats were laid to rest here… After they were demolished, of course! The Neon Museum is an outdoor combination of graveyard and tribute to old-school Vegas. You’ll see signs from year’s worth of casinos, and the helpful tour guides will teach you everything you would want to know!


  1. Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a very popular locals’ hiking spot, and for good reason. The gorgeous natural beauty combined with a wide variety of hiking trails makes for a great morning with family and friends. We recommend Ice Box Canyon during the summer – the descent into the canyon drops the temperature almost 20 degrees!


  1. The Secret Garden

Set inside The Mirage, a small slice of exotic Polynesian paradise beckons you to check out tigers, dolphins, and other wildlife found nowhere else in Nevada! Bonus points: locals get a discount.


  1. Pinball Hall of Fame

For gaming that doesn’t involve gambling, check out the Pinball Hall of Fame. The nondescript building doesn’t seem like it would house the world’s largest collection of new and old pinball machines, but this is a place any kid or adult can spend hours in.


  1. Hard Rock Hotel

It was a sad day for music fans when it was announced that the Hard Rock Hotel, long since known as the place to go for musical memorabilia, was sold. This summer will be the last summer that you can check it out in all its glory!


  1. Frankie’s Tiki Room

Feel like taking a vacation without leaving the city? You’ll feel like a true islander at the locals’ favorite Frankie’s Tiki Room. While it may be a smaller bar, it’s one of the oldest in town and has a menu that’ll knock your head over heels.

  1. The High Roller

You don’t need to gamble a lot to be a high roller in Vegas anymore – you can take the Ferris wheel instead! The enormous structure has enclosed pods that lift you above the Las Vegas skyline and let you enjoy gorgeous views day and night for a 40-minute journey. Even better: they offer open bar packages.


  1. The Mob Museum

Set in the vintage Vegas post office, this old-school museum celebrates all the dastardly deeds that went into building the city. With interactive exhibits, knowledgeable staff, and wicked dirt on some of the city’s most famous crime bosses, this is a can’t-miss for history fans.


  1. Speed Vegas

Please don’t take this as race down the Las Vegas Strip during rush hour. Speed Vegas is an attraction that lets you get behind the wheel of actual racecars and exotic speed demons and race around a track at 120+ miles per hour. You’re with a professional racer, so don’t be too scared to hit the gas!


  1. Bellagio Fountains

If you haven’t seen the spectacle that is the Bellagio Fountains, you’re missing out. The fountains are one of the most iconic parts of Las Vegas, and have been featured in movies and music videos for years. The geysers shoot lighted sprays of water hundreds of feet into the air and are perfectly timed to a rotating musical accompaniment.

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