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3 Ideas for Your Print Marketing

3 Ideas for Your Print Marketing

Think of a billboard you saw today on your commute home. Do you remember what it was about? Most likely it stuck with you through either an image or a clever catchphrase. Now think about the last Facebook ad you saw. Doesn’t come to mind as quickly, does it? Print marketing is alive and well in the ‘digital age’. Your business can see huge returns on investment through print marketing. Coupons, direct mail, billboards, and even custom letterhead used around the office leave lasting impressions. What makes print marketing effective is its longevity. Something tangible that a consumer can hold in their hands makes more of an impact than a scrolling ad on a website. Of course, print marketing needs to be done right – so we’ve put together 3 ideas for you!


1. Personal print marketing makes customers connect with your company

Who doesn’t like it when someone remembers their birthday? Getting birthday cards makes anyone’s day just a little bit better. You can spread joy using your customer database. One of the great things you can do with print marketing is to make any campaign personal with very little added effort. Using a professional printer’s variable data feature, you can have cards, coupons, or advertisements personalized with almost no added cost. It doesn’t have to be a birthday card to be impactful. Simply putting someone’s name on a direct mail piece (for example, “John Smith, we’ve got an offer for you!” increases the likelihood of them opening it.


2. Foil embossed, raised, or cut out print marketing are all showstoppers

Because it’s so cost-effective to print marketing materials, you have the opportunity to invest a little extra in the quality. Digital ads are a come-as-they-are method of advertising. You can’t put foil on an Instagram post! With print marketing, you can emboss your business cards. Flyers can be printed on holographic paper, making nearly anyone look twice. Your brochure can have a perforated coupon. Spending a little extra money on the front end for a nicer product increases the chances of a positive return on investment. The only catch is you have to remember to keep costs relative to what you’re looking to accomplish. Mass marketing, such as flyers intended to be placed on every door in the neighborhood, isn’t something which will leave a long-lasting impression. This isn’t to say they’re bad but blowing the budget on them doesn’t make sense. When a printed material is going to be kept, such as a business card, you know a few extra cents per piece is going to be noticed.


3.Blend digital with print for a modern marketing campaign

Many customers want to know you’re a modern company. While print marketing is highly effective by itself, incorporating digital aspects into your campaigns is a modern twist that appeals to a younger generation. One of the downsides of print marketing is its notoriety as being difficult to track conversions. 1,000 people might see your flyer and only 100 visits within the first week of being deployed. One out of ten seems like a poor ratio, right? Not necessarily, as they could have told their friends and you just didn’t have a way to track those customers. Blending print and digital knock this problem out of the water. Using printed materials which direct recipients to your website or social media gives you a solid look at their effectiveness. An easy way to do this is to incorporate QR codes into your materials. A scan of the code can offer an exclusive coupon to an eager customer. This gives you both metrics and a conversion! Contact Vegas Ink and Toner at 702-850-7703 for any tips or questions you may have during your project.


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