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3 Things You Should Do With Your Ink Cartridge After It Empties

3 Things You Should Do With Your Ink Cartridge After It Empties

Ink is expensive, and while you may be tempted to hold a funeral for your $60 cartridge after it’s called it quits, there are better ways to get rid of old cartridges. Millions of ink cartridges end up in landfills every year, and few people realize that they’re dealing a crushing blow to the environment when they toss them in the trash. Ink cartridges have become a necessity in modern life, but they’re not a necessity to nature. Proper recycling is important, and fortunately it won’t come at a great inconvenience to you! We’ve put together a list of 3 things you should do with your ink cartridge after it finally empties.

  1. Check With Your Supplier

You might actually get some of your hard-earned cash back with this method of getting rid of old ink cartridges. Many retailers offer an incentive program to get your old cartridges, either so they can properly dispose of them or refill them for later use. A quick call to the store you purchased it from, or the brand’s customer service helpline, may get you either in store credit, a discount on your next purchase, or even cash back. Local print supply shops will be extra appreciative to help you save the environment.


  1. Let Vegas Ink and Toner Recycle it for you

At Vegas Ink and Toner we recycle every cartridge that comes in to us. We do our part to ensure that your cartridge does not end up in a landfill. Bring it by next time you are near our store! And of course, it’s free!


  1. Recycle4Charity

A popular website amongst budding philanthropists, Recycle4Charity promises to do the leg work for you. Mail in your recyclables and they’ll auction it off on your behalf. You get a portion of the proceeds, but the majority of it will go to a charity that the site supports (which rotates regularly). They welcome donations from anywhere in the United States, and will even send you a shipping box so you don’t incur additional cost with mailing. There are surprisingly a few companies that do this, and while Recycle4Charity is one of the most well-known ones, you can Google others easily and find one that support a cause you feel great about.


  1. Refill It Yourself

If your ink cartridge has only been used once, or even a few times, you can actually refill it yourself with little hassle. Ink cartridge refill kits are significantly more affordable than purchasing an entirely new cartridge, and typically come with ink, a syringe, plastic gloves, and (thankfully) instructions. All you need to do is pop open your old cartridge and insert the new ink into the receptacle. Be careful, as it can be great to save some money, but once your old cartridge has been reused more than a handful of times your print quality will begin to diminish.

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