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4 Best New Printers of 2021

4 Best New Printers of 2021

Technology moves at warp speed nowadays. What was high-tech five years ago doesn’t hold a candle to today’s advanced options. Printers are one piece of technology that continues to get better and better. Each year, new printer options roll out which put the previous ones to shame. Many people are using their home printers more than ever due to working from home, so manufacturers really went all-out with launching top-of-the-line new printers for 2021. Here are our top four picks to choose from!

  1. Best Budget Printer for 2021


Our top pick for those on a budget is the HP LaserJet Pro M15w. This compact printer offers a lot of amenities at a very low cost (just $89.99 on HP’s website!). The device is tiny and minimalistic; just three buttons control this printer. The physical size, when the trays are folded, comes to a minuscule 6.3 by 13.6 by 7.5 inches. The HP LaserJet Pro M15w is a black and white only printer, which some may find limiting. The output quality and speed are high, with an average of 19 pages per minute at 600 dpi (dots per inch). This output combined with the size makes the HP LaserJet Pro M15w a good choice for college students. The biggest downside of this particular printer is the relatively low monthly capacity. The printer is only capable of running 8,000 sheets per month. One thousand sheets are the recommended output to keep the printer in tip-top shape. If you print a lot of long documents, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w may not be for you.

  1. When Budget Isn’t a Problem


For those looking to invest in a high-output printer, the Brother HL-L8360CDW is a new printer option that’s hard to beat in 2021. This sizable all-in-one color printer offers incredible quality printing at high volumes. It can expand to hold 1,300 sheets (with the addition of two separate trays) and spits out an impressive average of 33 sheets per minute in both color and black and white. The above-average print quality makes the HL-L8360CDW a great choice for photo enthusiasts, but it’s more than capable of keeping up with high-volume text documents as well. The high initial purchase price, averaging around $500 for a new device, is balanced out with a low cost per page. The HL-L8360CDW even excels in its technological features by offering bolstered security measures and multiple connectivity methods. This printer is an overall great choice for someone looking to make an investment.

  1. Best High-Volume Printer


Our printing experts are never ones for a gimmick, but we can’t help but fall head-over-heels for the HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw. This cartridge-free printer is one of the first of its kind! Instead of replacing or recycling clunky cartridges every few weeks, the Neverstop Laser 1001nw has a reservoir inside the device you refill using a large syringe-like dispenser. The process takes only a few seconds, giving the Neverstop its name (it never really needs to stop running for maintenance). This method of toner replacement gives the Neverstop one of the lowest per-page costs we’ve seen at just three cents. The downside of this printer is the output quality. While the toner refilling process is easy and affordable, the print quality of this new technology is not quite up to snuff with traditional printers. This may not be a problem to someone who prints a lot of drafts for reviews, such as a copywriter working from home, but can pose a challenge to those seeking professional-looking documents.

  1. Best Photo Printer for 2021


The best new photo printer for 2021 earned some hot debate, but we finally settled on the HP Tango X. This printer is reasonably priced at just around $200 for the amount of technology crammed into it. Voice activation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and borderless printing are just a few of the bells and whistles packed into this small device. The Tango X even comes with a stylish cloth case that folds around the small device to turn it into an attractive piece of desk décor! The best thing about this new printer is the print quality. The high-quality output lends stunning depth to images and documents alike. It’s a great choice for artistically inclined home printers. The downside of the Tango X is its capacity and speed. It’s by far the slowest of our 2021 new printer picks, but we feel it makes up for that in the print clarity.


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