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4 Factors to Consider When You Purchase a Printer

4 Factors to Consider When You Purchase a Printer

Purchasing a printer is no longer the incredible financial burden it once was. When printing technology was still in the early phases, the cost of a new machine was high, and the options were limited. Nowadays, tech has evolved to include a wide machine variety with many features and price points. There are quite a few things to consider when buying a printer, including upfront cost, speed, type, and much more. Read on to learn about Vegas Ink & Toner’s top four things to keep in mind when looking at new printers!


Laser or Inkjet

The difference between laser and inkjet printers is the material used to mark images on the paper. Laser printers use ‘toner’ cartridges filled with fantastic colored powder. They heat the toner inside the machine to press it down on the form. Laser printers are excellent at printing large volumes of text but not incredible for intricate images. Inkjet printers are a perfect choice to consider for an artist’s new printer purchase. They operate using liquid ink to squirt tiny droplets onto each page. While the per-page cost of inkjet printers is higher, the output is usually higher quality. It’s worth asking a Vegas Ink & Toner specialist to see which one will work better for your lifestyle or business.



Size does matter when it comes to printers. A home office won’t need an industrial option with five trays, just as a large office can’t function on a single desktop model. Consider where your company or individual needs stand right now, as well as where you expect to be in five years. Are you a college student on a budget? A small printer may be an outstanding choice to consider. Are you looking to triple your staff? It may be wise to invest in a larger model.


Buy or Lease

Another significant factor to consider when buying a new printer is whether you actually will buy it. There are many times where it may be more sensible to lease a printer from a trusted print supply company. Leased printers benefit from coming with a dedicated maintenance technician, regular software upgrades, and a relatively low monthly cost. Purchasing a printer could be a higher upfront cost with next to no monthly charges making it a wise choice for anybody looking to invest.


Connectivity and Security

In today’s society, most things have moved to wireless, with printers being no exception. Both home and office printers can be either wired or wireless. Wired printers are more secure than wireless options, making them an excellent choice to consider for anybody dealing with sensitive information. The downside of wireless printers is they need to be physically tethered to a computer or laptop. For those on the go, our experts might recommend a less-secure but more flexible wireless printer.


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