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4 Things to Do Before Printing Your Photos at Home

4 Things to Do Before Printing Your Photos at Home


Taking stunning photographs is one of the best activities out there, and it remains the go-to hobby for anyone trying to capture their daily moments for generations to come. Actually printing out your pictures, however, is often a complicated ordeal that can stress out even the most accomplished photographer. It is in times such as these that you should keep a few select rules in mind before hitting the Print button. Vegas Ink and Toner, providers of the best ink printers in Las Vegas, would like to help.

By keeping this short guide in mind, you will be well on your way to professional grade printing with your photo printer.

1.) Be Careful During Editing

Depending on the quality of your camera, your photographs are likely to turn out well no matter what, though a few simple editing touchups can be used, as well, to really give your pictures a shine. These edits can be done a number of ways by using a variety of programs and can range from simple to complex.


Cropping is one of the most common edits and involves just removing certain slices or full edges of a picture. You also want to go in a little deeper and tinker with adjustment layers. By increasing or decreasing the color saturation and ranges, you can really enhance a given image.


2.) Check How You Save Your Files

When using digital files and working from a computer, you need to be very careful with how exactly you save your photographs. You should be particularly mindful of the fact that photographs are often naturally saved as compressed images. After making any edits, you will therefore want to be careful not to further compress the images, thereby losing any alterations you made.


You could also try saving your files in different formats based on your editing software, later printing directly form the program.


3.) Select Good Printing Paper


If you do not print the photograph out on the right paper, all the effort you put into capturing and editing the image will be lost. Deciding which paper is correct, however, is easier said than done. Generally speaking, you should go for printing paper that will not sacrifice the color of the original picture.


Start by thinking about what weight of paper would be right, keeping in mind that stiffer paper tends to retain color better than thin sheets. You should also consider the finish. For example, glossy finishes are classically good for photographs.


4.) Find the Best Home Photo Printer with Vegas Ink and Toner


If you do not have the right printer or access to good pigment ink, you cannot hope to print a satisfying image. However, instead of handling the process on your own, let Vegas Ink and Toner provide you access to the best professional printers for photographers and the most efficient, expert printer repair in Las Vegas. We have years of experience servicing the Las Vegas area, and we would like to bring the expertise to you.


Find out more information on how Vegas Ink and Toner could help you, such as where to get photo ink in Las Vegas or professional printers for photographers. Contact one of our representatives today.

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