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4 Tips for Sustainable Printing

4 Tips for Sustainable Printing

In the modern day, we are often bombarded by a myriad of simple documents that may or may not actually need to be printed. What complicates the decision is the fact that printing unnecessary forms and files hardly contributes to maintaining a green environment. In order to alleviate the guilt that comes from printing hard copies of something as slight as an office memo, you should try using these sustainable printing practices from Vegas Ink and Toner.


The following are just easy tips anyone can use to better incorporate sustainable green printing.


 1. Start with the Paper

Printing on recycled paper is often the way to go when trying to institute better printing practices. The way to tell if the paper is recycled is by looking for a seal on the package that should come from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). An organization dedicated to examining a company’s forestry practices, the FSC is a good measure of whether or not the paper is coming from a protected source.


Other alternatives include paper sourced from other sustainable materials, such as sugarcane or hemp.


2. Move on to the Printer

After selecting eco-friendly paper, it is time to find a green printer. You typically want to look for an ENERGY STAR label from the government, which is only earned by printers meeting thorough efficiency requirements. Additionally, you should examine per-page print costs to find a printer capable of using as little printing ink as possible.


The number of printers you need is up to you but, generally speaking, having a single central printer as opposed to many smaller individual ones will conserve ink and paper and reduce your overall printing costs.


3. Keep an Eye on the Printer Settings

Once you have the right printer in place, you need to pay particularly close attention to the printer settings to ensure that you are conserving energy where you can. This will give you a greater control over ink and toner use, as well as printing styles, to fit important and unimportant printing tasks. It also goes without saying that you should try to print in black and white whenever possible.


4. Always Recycle

You should always recycle when you can. For example, when ink and toner cartridges run out, recycle the units or refill them yourself. You should also consider printing on both sides of the paper or reusing sheets for minor printing jobs. Furthermore, instead of tossing excess sheets in the trash, recycle the paper itself.


Learn more about Sustainable Printing from Vegas Ink and Toner

In order to start making an environmentally friendly difference in our world, you should consider new printing practices in your home and office. Surprisingly enough, these suggestions are actually very simple and will require little effort on your part to institute.


In order to learn more about green printing, contact a representative at Vegas Ink and Toner today. Our team has many years of expert printer repair, operating in the area. We can give you access to latest printers as well as the best printer repair in Las Vegas.


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