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4 Ways to Grow A Printing Business

4 Ways to Grow A Printing Business

As technology continues to grow and innovate, printing has been able to blossom. Printers are more effective and available than ever before. The average American family is more likely to have a home printer than not. Here are four ways we grew ours! 


Always Exhibit Incredible Customer Service

No business survives with poor customer service. Customers expect good customer service by listening, offering proactive solutions, and always maintaining professional behavior. What does it say about a company if someone walks in and sees the employees slouched over, gossiping, or ignoring the customer? No one would want to do business with them! On the other hand, if those employees are ready with a friendly greeting and open ears, the customer will feel welcomed and want to return. We always exhibit incredible customer service by maintenance calls, inquiries, and orders. 


Take Online Reviews Seriously 

It may be easy to write off bad Google reviews as frustrated customers expressing their concerns. Still, if you are looking to grow a printing business, you should take online reviews very seriously. Analyze their complaints, reach out and offer to fix them! Respond to the customer with professionalism and respect, and you’ll have the chance to redeem yourself in the customer’s eyes. Worst-case scenario, a polite response will help you look better in the eyes of any potential clients who want a scoop on how you do things. 


Don’t Overlook Social Media

You may ask yourself how a printing company could use social media to grow its business! Social media is an excellent tool because it offers something for everybody. People now use social media to find new businesses, make friends, and look at videos or photos. If you overlook social media, you overlook millions of potential customers. Create an account for your printing business and share your company with the world! 


Offer Something Unique 

With a successful business comes competition! Offer something unique to stand out from the crowd. Here at Vegas Ink & Toner, we focus heavily on our recycling program. Being an eco-friendly company is crucial to us. We try to share our love for the environment with our customers by encouraging them to recycle. Find something you’re passionate about and incorporate it into your printing business! Maybe you’re a fan of local companies; why not offer a local discount? Whatever you choose, try to involve something that fits your brand, so you stand out from the group!


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