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5 Electronics Your Child Needs before They Head off to College

5 Electronics Your Child Needs before They Head off to College

School is right around the corner and with the new semester, it’s time for your student to gear up for the year with the latest electronics to help with their collegiate experience.


  1. HP Envy 5640 Printer

Our number 1 recommendation for your student will always be a printer. Everyone needs a great printer in college be it they are printing their homework, a report, or just photos for their picture frames, a dependable printer is a MUST for college students. We recommend the HP Envy 5640 not only does it not take up a lot of space which is important in those tiny dorm rooms, but it also doesn’t cost a fortune replacing the ink. Plus it’ll save you money on the printing fees the campus library charges you as soon as you run out of your printing quota.

  1. Keurig

Now we know this seems a little frivolous parents’, but just think about how much money you’ll be saving by not helping with your student’s $5 a day Starbucks addiction. As much as students ‘try’ to avoid them, we know all-nighters happen and they definitely drink coffee to make it happen. With the Keurig, your student can have their coffee quick and at hand and you can save the money in your pockets.

  1. Smartphone

It may seem obvious, but we’re not talking about it just for the phone and texting. A smart comes with all of those helpful apps that only can be used on a smartphones to help your student do things quicker and easier.

  • Grubhub for its food order delivery services.
  • WhatsApp for keeping in touch with friends and family a few states over and internationally without raising your phone bill.
  • Mint the app to help your students keep track of their bills and finances and help them with their spending habits.
  • StudyBlue the best notecards and study app a student can have, it keeps all their notes stored on their desktop or on their phone so they can study on the go whenever they need.
  • And many more!
  1. Noise cancelling headphones

Whether you are just trying to jam out while you your roommate is taking a nap or cancel out all the noise while you study, definitely grabbing a pair of the latest beats will definitely help any student maintain his focus.


  1. Echo Dot

This is the new electronic ‘in-thing’ right now and rightfully so. The echo dot from Amazon lets you do it all. You can set alarms, order delivery, play your music out loud when you aren’t worried about who can hear it, and even ask questions; all to the sound of your voice! This echo dot is the full package, but we definitely still recommend asking your parents for the FULL must-have list!

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