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5 Places in Las Vegas That Will Give You Great Photographs

5 Places in Las Vegas That Will Give You Great Photographs

There is way more to Las Vegas than bright lights, clubs, and gambling. While everything seems to center around big spenders; in the age of Instagram, Vegas isn’t just catering to the people with a lot of money anymore. Companies are looking to catch the eyes of Millennials and Gen-Z crowds by providing hip and trendy spots that are “insta worthy.” Businesses all around Las Vegas are making sure they have the perfect backdrops so their millennial/Gen Z clientele will do some advertising for them.

So, we decided to find the top 5 trendiest places around Las Vegas that can give you the best photographs!

  1. The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is just that; Trendy, original, and with dozens of original vintage signs on display, you have six acres of history that will take you back in time to create some of the most alluring photos of old Las Vegas.

  1. Café Lola

Café Lola is East Las Vegas’s newest European inspired coffee shop. Everything from food, to the teas, and décor is easily photo worthy. Café Lola offers specialty lattes, gourmet toast, decadent pastries, handcrafted teas, afternoon delights, Frosé and so much more – enough to tell your table to not touch! until you get the perfectly displayed photo of all the yummy items. That’s not the only thing that makes this café photo-worthy. You will find the walls are decorated with pink flowers, the tables are marble, and there is 2 photo ready nooks that consist of 1. A pink velvet couch under a neon sign ‘Whatever Lola wants, Lola Gets’ surrounded in yes, more flowers. and 2. A bicycle and basket with a cute pink retro style phone. This place is definitely worth a cute outfit and a camera ready to take plenty of photos. Can someone say #Ilovecafelola!

  1. Seven Magic Mountains

A desert art creation, this simple piece of artwork is nothing short of insta-worthy. Seven stone forms defying gravity sure can make a cool photo. If  you ever need a creative photo that doesn’t require much work take a 30 minute trip outside of the Las Vegas strip and your backdrop is ready to go.

  1. Paris Las Vegas

This hotel lets you think outside of the box. Pictures here will make people think you are in currently in the city of love instead of the city of sin. This hotel has the same ambiance as the chic little European town everyone know to be Paris. With Versailles-style fixtures and luxury romantic décor, you can take a creative and beautiful photo that will make anyone second guess your latest vacation destination.

  1. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

We may be a little bias, but Las Vegas is home to the prettiest conservatory. Each season you will be able to view Bellagio’s horticulturist put some of their latest and greatest designs up for display in a 14,000 square foot, floral playground. Every season the flower, trees, and plants depict the time of year as you will see everything beautifully rotates to match their elaborate fountain and beautifully displayed chandeliers. We saved this spot for last because we don’t think it can get any better than this meticulously designed botanical garden, you won’t see anything else like this in Vegas.

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