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5 Printing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

5 Printing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

There’s no crystal ball to peer into when it comes to printing trends, but the experts can at least do a few predictions based on what’s currently rising. Printing is just like any industry, with ebbs and flows in the business, technological advances, and hefty competition. While we’re sure many people see a certain side of it, in regard to having to replace their own technology every few years to make sure your printer is compatible with your other office supplies, there’s a whole world of corporate printing out there. As our experts diligently watch emerging printing trends throughout the years, we’ve compiled a list of the top five Las Vegas printing trends you can’t afford to ignore in 2019.

Multi-Format Printers

While multi-format printers aren’t anything new, printing experts are seeing a huge boom in them recently. A multi-format printer is one which does more than simply print off 8.5×11” sheets in black and white. As printing for a variety of items becomes more commonplace in both the home and office (such as with beautiful home decor), printers capable of running specialty paper, inks, and even fabrics are hitting the market. Printers cover more surface now and are able to do fun craft projects or even large format posters.

Cloud-Based MPS

If you’ve ever dealt with the frustration of having to re-organize your office just so your computer cable could physically connect with your printer, you’ll understand the importance of having a cloud-based MPS (managed print service). The technology of the cloud blends seamlessly with workplace printing with a revamped MPS and allows each member of an organization to securely send print jobs to a single online server instead of multiple on-site ones. If you or your company regularly prints a lot of jobs, this printing trend could be a major money saver in the long run.

Service Programs

Just like with your home plumbing, you don’t want to wait until something goes wrong to perform maintenance your equipment. Printing experts have long touted the use of having a routine service program, but they’re finally catching the local market’s eye in 2019. With the use of a service program, you can ensure your equipment runs continuously and correctly without having any major unforeseen breakdowns. Having a regular service on your printers will prevent dealing with emergency costs, keeping the overall budget down.

Artificial Intelligence

From chatbots on Facebook to Google Maps, artificial intelligence has become an integrated part of modern life. Your printer is no exception, as AI has finally crawled its way into the often-overlooked piece of office technology. The biggest printing trend our experts have noticed in regard to artificial intelligence in your equipment is voice activation, but ‘smart’ printers which analyze documents as they’re being printed and scanned to adapt to your habits have also become popular.


Sustainability is huge in modern society. From saving water by only watering your lawn twice a week to recycling old ink and toner cartridges, sustainability is everywhere. The printing industry has gotten creative with the sustainability trend, and a quality Las Vegas print supply company will encourage you to take steps to save the environment. With recycling services, high-quality cartridges which contain eco-friendly ingredients, and even technology which reduces paper use automatically, printing has definitely gone green in 2019. Want to learn more? Feel free to explore our site for information and call to request a quote and see how you can save up to 50% with Vegas Ink and Toner!


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