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5 Tips for Photographing the Las Vegas Strip at Night

5 Tips for Photographing the Las Vegas Strip at Night

Planning on photographing the Las Vegas Strip? Here are our five best tips.


  1. Location, location, location!


Where are the best places to capture the glimmering magic and glittery excitement of the Las Vegas Strip? Do your homework and make a list of the spots you want to shoot. Check out the Eiffel Tower, the Bellagio Fountain, the entry to Bally’s, and the Stratosphere tower for starters. Other gorgeous locations to consider are the castle tops at Excalibur, the sphinx at Luxor, inside the Venetian or the reflections in the water at the front of the Venetian.


For even more stunning settings, talk to locals or Vegas photographers. Which brings us to our next point…


  1. Chat With Las Vegas Photographers


Before you start shooting, get in contact with other photographers who take pictures in Vegas. If you don’t have any connections and are too shy to make some while you’re out-and-about, use the internet. There are plenty of photographers posting insider tips — like when you can catch the perfect sunset or where to catch the best reflection of glittering lights on water.


  1. Check Out the High Roller

The High Roller Ferris wheel features outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment. But the best part for a photographer is that it stands 550 feet tall and is the tallest observation wheel on the entire planet! Not to mention, it was only built a couple of years ago — March 31, 2014 to be precise—so it’s still a fresh place to snap photos.


Make your way to the High Roller, and you’re guaranteed a breath-taking shot.


  1. Read Up on Photography Advice


Read tips on photographing city lights at night before you start snapping the Strip. There is plenty of research to be done, but here are some of our favorite simple suggestions:


–          Use a tripod — this will keep your camera steady during a long-exposure shot

–          Use the timer on your camera — again, this will prevent your camera from shaking

–          Adjust your shutter speed and aperture — these settings can make or break a nighttime photo, so take some time to play with them

–          Pay attention to light metering when you’re photographing a bright sign against a dark sky (if you don’t, you might end up with an under or overexposed shot)

–          Use quality equipment


  1. Print Your Photo Using a Top-Notch Printer


The quickest way to ruin a great shot is by using a low-quality printer. Make sure you don’t just use a high-quality printer, but that you also invest in some high-quality ink cartridges. Here are some options from reliable brands that we suggest:


–          Canon ink cartridges

–          Lexmark ink cartridges

–          Fujitsu ink cartridges

–          Epson ink cartridges

–          Panasonic ink cartridges


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