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6 Tips for Printing Marketing Materials from the Print Experts

6 Tips for Printing Marketing Materials from the Print Experts

Digital marketing might be what you hear is the ‘next big thing,’ but print marketing still has very solid ground in Las Vegas. Print marketing ranges from billboards to flyers to newspaper advertisements, and paying attention to what you’re putting out there can help you rake in the profits. Printing is essential to a marketing campaign’s success, and who’s better to give you tips than the printing experts? Here are six tips for printing your marketing materials, from the people who know best.

  1. Get A Designer (Or Take A Class)

This is not meant as an insult to your artistic eye. Graphic design is a huge business, and the aid of a professional can make or break your printing. Often we see people send in materials that might have all the information necessary to convey their thoughts, but it just isn’t visually appealing. Design is what quite literally attracts business, and you want to have something that is both informational and visually striking to catch someone’s eye.

2. Know Your Budget

You may want a business card that has UV overlays and rounded edges, but your budget might not allow it. Printing can be expensive, and knowing what you can afford will help you plan ahead. With an established bottom line, it’s easier to have the conversation with your printer about what’s the best way to proceed with creating effective marketing materials.

3. Pay Attention To Your Results

Print marketing has the benefit of having quantifiable results. If you have a phone number on your materials, you can track how many calls you receive. With a coupon, you know how many times you’ve had a redemption. This makes it easy to know what’s working and what’s not, which makes it simpler to assess what to print for future campaigns.

4. Make It Personal

Unlike a Facebook ad, printing your marketing materials allows you to put a personal touch on it. Whether this means printing it at home using specialty paper or delivering mass-marketed flyers in person, people love having a personal touch to connect with.

5. Shape It

Besides shaping your ideas, you can shape your actual marketing materials. Making something creative goes beyond your design – you can do a folded piece, a piece with a cut-out, or included a pop-up. The variety of paper available on the market means that the possibilities are endless!

6. Choose The Paper Wisely

Beyond using a creative shape in your marketing materials, many professional and home printers offer the ability to process a variety of paper types. Paper nowadays ranges from color-changing to high gloss to pre-cut. Having a gorgeous design won’t mean much if you print it on the wrong type of paper, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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