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A New Way to Think About Printing Services

A New Way to Think About Printing Services

The term ‘printing services’ probably causes you to think of ways to get a picture on a piece of paper. What the term encompasses nowadays is so much more than simply placing ink on paper. Gone are the days when your home printer would suddenly stop working, or your work one would jam so badly you were late to the meeting. The modern age has ushered in a wealth of services available to you at the drop of a hat, including same-day delivery, printer repair, and even recycling services for old items. There’s a new way to think about printing services, and it’s a definitive improvement on what you’re used to.

Here at Vegas Ink & Toner, we like to focus on keeping what you’ve got running. While getting a shiny new machine is always fun (and there are more models than ever to choose from!), sometimes you just want your existing machinery to keep chugging along. Printers are devices built to last, and the few parts which do wear out on them are able to be replaced relatively easily. Modern printing service companies shouldn’t urge you to replace a machine; they should focus on fixing a problem. We offer both machine repairs and cartridge repairs, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home or office printer. Should you not need an immediate repair but want to get a tune-up, there are maintenance programs which run from regular cleanings to individual part maintenance as sections of the machine wear down.

A huge part of society in our modern age is ‘going green’. Did you know you can be eco-friendly with your printer as well? There’s, of course, printing double sided or adjusting your printer settings to use less ink per page, but you can also recycle old cartridges or parts. We never throw a cartridge away! The materials used to create printer cartridges are not biodegradable, which means they’ll stay in a landfill forever if not properly disposed of. We make it easy with our free commercial recycling services for existing customers, or we will pick up all your old cartridges.

From eco-friendly initiatives to maintenance programs and corporate business packages, printing services have evolved rapidly. Your machinery should never be a hassle, and the days of kicking your printer to undo a jam are long gone. A qualified printing specialist will be your businesses’ best friend, so what are you waiting for? Contact Vegas Ink and Toner!

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