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Best DIY Fall Crafts to Make with Your Kids

Best DIY Fall Crafts to Make with Your Kids

The fall season and crafting go hand-in-hand! Outside temperatures cooling down gives everybody a chance to snuggle up inside. Staying indoors for long periods gets everybody a little stir-crazy, but that can be remedied with a few simple fall crafts. Crafting is good for adults and children alike. Adults get to spend quality time with their family while the little ones stretch the creative side of their brain. It’s important for developing minds to explore creative outlets, so we’ve put together our favorite DIY fall crafts to make with your kids! These require little more than paper, your home printer, glue, some scissors, and a few markers.


Pumpkins, Witch Hats, and More Fun Printable DIY Banners

One of our top DIY crafts is making printable banners. Any child who can safely handle scissors can make a banner! Fall banners, in particular, are fun because of just how much variety there is. You can go ultra-seasonal with witch hats before Halloween, pumpkins before Thanksgiving, and turkeys during the feast. A banner is made up of two elements: a printed shape, cut out and hole punched, and a piece of string or ribbon to tie them together. You find a shape you like (for example, a Thanksgiving pie), print out several pieces of this shape, cut it out, and hole punch the top. Once they’re hole punched, think of what you’d like your banner to say. Write down one letter on each shape and place them in the order they’ll be in on the banner. Then string them through and hang up your DIY fall banner!


Limitless Autumn Wreaths

Wreaths are a classic fall decoration, but did you know you can craft them using your home printer? This easy craft involves a bit of cutting out but is simple and fully customizable. All you need to do is print out fun fall patterns, like a Buffalo plaid or autumn leaf. Cut out a lot of each shape and arrange it in a circle. You’ll have the little ones glue each shape on top of each other (not directly on top, but off-center so there is an overlap) to create a paper wreath. This can be made even more special by using cardstock, colored paper, or a fancy foil embossed paper. Ask your local print supply company what materials your home printer can handle before running it through!


Cards Are for More Than Well Wishes

DIY cards have been a popular printable craft since printers moved into the home. Downloading a template, printing it out, and coloring your card is one way to do it but not the only. Your home printer can help bring festivity to any card. You can create unique place cards by purchasing perforated paper and printing a fun fall pattern on one side. The other side can have an individual’s name, a fun saying, or a conversation starter printed on it. You can print ‘Thank You’ cards for every Friendsgiving your family goes to, cut-out turkey-shaped cards for kids to pass out in class, or leaf rubbings for a personal touch. The only limit for this DIY fall craft is your creativity!


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