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Best Ink Cartridges For Your Office Printer

Best Ink Cartridges For Your Office Printer

If you’ve seen band-aids on an office manager’s jaw recently, it’s likely because they sustained injuries when looking at the price of replacement printer ink cartridges. Printer ink is a precious commodity these days, in many cases costing more per ounce than champagne or fine perfume.

The unfortunate flip-side reality is that third-party printer cartridges can often cause more problems than they are worth if they don’t conform to a high enough standard. Because of this problem, buying “knockoff” cartridges online can result in a box full of wasted money rather than a bundle of savings.

To help you learn where to buy ink cartridges that don’t cost a fortune yet won’t lead to an unsatisfactory experience, consider the following points from an experienced company for printer repair in Las Vegas:

Brand-Name Inks Are Usually Not Worth a Premium

First off, let’s confirm the elephant in the room: brand name inks are ludicrously expensive. They cost anywhere from 15% to 90% more than alternatives. While manufacturers claim that you should only entrust their approved or name-brand replacement cartridges, the quality is rarely noticeably better than other available alternatives.

Buying Third-Party and Discount Ink Cartridges Can Be Scary

If everyone knows that name-brand cartridge replacements are not worth the extra money they charge, then why do we keep buying them? In a word: confidence. We want to be confident that the ink we buy isn’t going to cause problems or worsen performance. Clogged printers and unexplained errors are unacceptable casualties of going discount, but having streaky or faded printing can also mean that the cheaper cartridges don’t deliver on their expected value, even at a lower price.

Put simply, many people know that quality ink cartridge replacement alternatives at reasonable prices exist, but they don’t know where to find them.

You Should Only Buy Replacement Ink Cartridges From a Trusted Supplier

The issue with buying most bulk cartridge replacements online or through a supplies distributor is trust. Unless the products have reviews or the business has a reputation in the local market, gauging risk can be difficult.

Fortunately, shops like Vegas Ink and Toner exist to stand behind the products they sell. Our customers can come to our store and meet us face-to-face, which helps us know which clients we’ve made happy and which ones have feedback on how we can improve.

These interactions along with our own vigorous product research has allowed us to stock only the most trusted replacement ink cartridge products. We also provide cartridge refilling and remanufactured OEM products, offering you the exact same cartridges as name-brand at a fraction of the price.

Where to Buy Ink Cartridges? Vegas Ink and Toner

Don’t let rumors of poor quality scare you from dramatically cutting printing costs in your business. We at Vegas Ink and Toner offer all brand name cartridges at reasonable prices, and we also offer a wide array of remanufactured cartridges, high quality third-party cartridges, and cartridge refilling services to help you reduce printing overhead.

You can learn more about our services and our promise of quality by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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