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Best Paper Cut Out Designs for Your Families

Best Paper Cut Out Designs for Your Families

Craft time is vital in the creative development process for children. Children who are encouraged to explore artistic interests at a young age tend to express themselves better as they age. Craft time can also be a great time to bond with the whole family. The distraction of having something to do, such as create any of these incredible paper cut designs, helps conversation flow naturally. You can talk with your little ones about their day, school, or friends while they form beautiful works of art!


Safety First: Be Careful Making These Paper Cut Designs

Before diving into creating these paper cut designs, take a moment to plan out your safety plan. Even older children run the risk of carelessly cutting themselves. Scissors sharp enough to cut paper and sharp enough to cut skin! Always supervise kids when they’re wielding scissors, and never permit them to walk around carrying them blade-side-out. Try to keep scissors or sharp objects in a craft box, or at least purchase a safety guard so the blades aren’t exposed. If you’re using glue for anything, make sure it’s kept away from ears, eyes, and mouths. Glue tempts many children, and you don’t want them to eat it or get stuck on them! Put supplies away, caps on, at the end of every craft session for safety reasons.


Fun Designs to Cut Out

What you make depends entirely on your kid’s interests and the season. Holiday cards are always a big win, and table placemats around Thanksgiving are a great way to get everyone involved. A few basic designs we find our families always reach for are:

1. Animal Masks

A few popsicle sticks and some colored paper can make the most fun animal masks around! Kids can pick their favorite animals, such as a lion or a dragon, and cut out the shape of that animal’s head. Depending on the child’s age and skill, you can cut out separate pieces for the animal’s nose, eyebrows, fur, or other facial features. If that’s a little advanced, stick to coloring in the features on the cut-out paper mask. Once it’s ready, flip it over and glue popsicle sticks on the back to act as handles.

2. Paper Twirlers

This fun paper cut-out design makes a great party decoration! To make the paper twirlers, cut a piece of paper into a circle. Then use a marker or pencil to draw a spiral, starting from the center. Kids can color in along the loop and cut out the paper shape, right on the spiral line, when they’re ready. It should unfurl and form a beautiful hanging decoration. Punch a hole in one end of the spiral and thread some yarn through it, then hang up!

3. Pop-Out Cards

3D pop-out cards are a fun way to show appreciation to anybody! To make these, either draw or print out a card message using your at-home printer. You can place the statement on any size of paper, but make sure it’s on the right side of your card before you print! Once you place the message, fold the card in half. Lightly sketch using a pencil the design you want to draw, but only do half of it on the card’s folded part! For example, a tree is an easy option. Then, keeping a section of paper intact at the top and bottom, carefully cut out your design. Please don’t cut it off completely! When you open the card up, gently push the newly cut section in so it becomes 3D.

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