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Business Cards to Catch Your Attention

Business Cards to Catch Your Attention

Oh, the business card. The small piece of cardstock that’s been the bane of professionals around the world for years. A business card is the simplest way to put your name out there, aside from shouting it into a crowd. They’re a way to break the ice, to introduce yourself, and to close out a conversation. With so many different occasions to put yourself down in someone’s memory with a card, why would you not want it to stand out? No basic business cards are allowed on our watch; we only want high-quality business cards which catch your attention.

Business cards have changed over the years and for the better. Before, there would be a sea of matte white cards with your name neatly printed in the corner and your phone number in another corner, but now we see all manners of stunning, vibrant cards rolling off the printer. Some can be made at home, and some use techniques which only a professional is able to produce. A standout business card is one that really shines above the competition, such as one that’s been personalized to reflect your particular company.

We cannot stress enough that visuals are everything when it comes to your card. One of the best ways to do this is to play with a custom shape. If your logo is particularly prominent and bold, consider making your business card in the shape of it. The only limitation we recommend is keeping it approximately the same size as a standard card, so it fits neatly in a wallet or Rolodex. You can even really play with shape by using a die cut to chop out part of the card in a unique way. Logos can be cut out, or you can even get fancy by cutting your name out. Negative space says a lot, and choosing to use it on your card can say ‘I’m bold’ without you having to.

Opting for a brightly colored business card can also make a splash if it fits within the boundaries of your company. Say your office building is bright purple; why not have a business card to match? A bright color can create a lasting impression, and if it ties in directly with something you do or creates it’ll leave an immediate connection between you as a person and you as a business. Softer colored cards are still saturating the market, but a bright pop of color on the font might make your card stand above your rivals’.

The only rule when creating a quality business card is to not limit yourself. Don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different designs before settling on one! Any professional printer would be happy to run off a few test cards, which you can bring to trusted friends or colleagues for an opinion. There are no limitations; you can do foil embossing on lettering, gloss or matte cards, and bright colors. Custom cutting will give you a standout card, and a unique phrase might be the golden ticket for your business. Give it a try and see what works for you!

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