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A Printer for Home Use

A Printer for Home Use

A great printer in your home can save you not only a lot of money, but also time. Depending on what you need your printer for; you have multiple options to choose from. Do you need it for recreational usage, work, or both? Regardless if the kids have school projects to work on, or if you do a lot of your work at home, you have plenty printer options that you can buy for your home that are low cost and great quality.

Before you go buy your printer, make sure you have decided on what you expect your printer to do. What some find really important you may not necessarily need. There are a few decisions on the type of printer you have to make that you will need to consider before pulling the trigger on your new printer purchase.

What to look for:

Laser or inkjet

There are two types of printers best fit for a home – what seems like just a tiny detail that you don’t need to worry about is not the case. Depending on how frequently you’ll be printing, you will need to really decide the style of printer that will fit your home. Laser and inkjet printers are very different from one another. The laser printer is generally more expensive upfront, but the trade-off is that you don’t have to think about buying ink, and pages are printed quicker. Your laser printer is best for printing documents and sometimes can only print in black and white, but if the work being done is more for you and not your children’s school project, laser printers are great and affordable options. However, Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy. The ink is more expensive, but if you print photos, this is the printer you’ll need. Inkjet printers are easier to maintain as well, so most people will likely prefer the versatility that comes along with an ink-jet printer.

Double-sided printing

Do you need a printer that also prints on both sides of the paper? Don’t worry, there are plenty of printers that you can buy for your home that offer the ability to print double-sided. Not only do double-sided printers allow you to not worry about flipping the pages over and making sure you turn it the right way, but can help you cut down on the number of pages you print, which is great for the environment and on the money in your pockets.


Do you expect to use your printer for work? Need a document signed or emailed to you? If you answered yes, then a scanner may also be something you need for your home printer. Since many printers now combine their printing and scanning, you may want to make sure this is included in your printer purchase to save you more time and money.


Whatever printer you choose, making sure it is the fit for you and your family. If you are still not sure on the best printer for your home, contact us at Vegas Ink & Toner and we can help you find the best printer for your needs.

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