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Craft Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Craft Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Who says your Valentine’s Day needs to be basic? Instead of hitting up a packed restaurant on the eve of romance and having to wait in lines just to get your sweetheart a drink, go with a more personal way to spend time together. Crafting with someone can be a fun, unique date that they’re sure to remember, and Valentine’s Day offers up the chance to make some adorable, themed crafts without breaking the bank or getting frustrated at crowds. We’ve put together some craft ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can make with supplies you’ve already got in your home.

  1. Scratch-Off Love Coupons

Not nearly as dirty as they sound, creating some personalized coupons or stamp cards for your significant other is a great way to show them that you care. Simple things like ‘Complimentary Backrub’ or something comedic like ‘Dishes Done Without Complaint’ with a scratch-off heart to signify how many times the task has been completed is a cute, quirky way to let them know your affection. Print the cards on an affordable cardstock and use chalk paint and foil to make the scratch-off areas.


  1. Thumbprint Heart Stamps

If you have kids, this craft is a perfect way to get them involved in the holiday. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance – it can be about fun, too! Valentine’s Day cards are a must-have in every classroom, and signing them with two thumbprints angled together to make a heart will be a creative and fun way for their classmates to feel special.


  1. Paper Heart Garlands

Do you remember making garlands out of paper loops for just about every school dance? Well, they don’t have to be just loops! Bend and staple colored paper strips so that they form a heart instead of a circle and interlock them to make a cute garland to hang for the holidays. The low-cost craft works best using a variety of colors – we recommend a blend of pinks, reds, and whites for maximum Valentine’s Day cheer!


  1. Coffee Filter Heart Wreaths

For the more advanced crafter, coffee filter heart wreaths are a ridiculously fun project to take on during the day of love. Using wire, form a heart to use as your base. About a foot and a half wide at the largest part of the top loops is the standard size for wreaths, but you can of course size however you need. Take coffee filters and dip them in red dye to give them a themed color scheme, and pinch the middle to create a flower-like look. You can staple these to each other and the wire to create the wreath in only a few short steps. From there, just attach a wire hook to the top and you’ve got a ready-to-hang piece for your home!


Just like with any part of Valentine’s Day, making your crafts personal is a must. Armed with the best tools and plenty of love for a special someone, you can do almost anything creative for not too much money or time.


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