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DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Tree

DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Tree

There’s no need to be an origami master to make some incredible and intricate DIY Christmas decorations for your tree this year. Creating delicate paper displays that add a touch of personalization to your Christmas tree is as easy as clicking ‘print’, cutting, and maybe pasting. To help you get some creative inspiration, we’ve put together a few things you can create using some great printers and a bit of elbow grease (or tape!).


  1. Novelty Stars

Turn your favorite book into a work of art by removing meaningful pages from a (spare!) copy and gluing them together in varying sizes of cones to create beautiful and creative ornaments that will be great conversation starters at any party. You can also put your own twist on this by printing specific passages on a paper of your choice, or by printing conversation starters and hanging them in strategic locations for your guests to find.


  1. Updated Snowflakes

The classic holiday paper snowflake, created by folding a single sheet of paper and then cutting strategically to create a design, gets an update by using different thicknesses and patterned paper. Scrapbook paper is available at most, if not all, craft and printing shops, which can create an elegant twist on your favorite childhood tradition.


  1. Wear Your Heart On Your Tree

Creating paper hearts is something that everybody did in elementary and middle school, but giving it a refresh is something that can create lasting and interesting pieces for your tree this year. Taking pairs of varying lengths of cardstocks and either stapling or gluing them together in a heart shape that’s fanned out will leave guests wondering whether you bought your decorations at Pottery Barn or HomeGoods. They’ll never guess they’re homemade.


No matter what you choose to go with, your printer can make or break your DIY Christmas décor. Having your machines in working order is a great start, but having the right machine will make a huge difference. Give us a call to discuss your needs so we can make sure you get the right items at the right price.

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