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DIY Printing: How to Make a Paper Cut Out Card in 3 Steps

DIY Printing: How to Make a Paper Cut Out Card in 3 Steps

Summer takes place over the hottest three months in the Las Vegas Valley. There’s only so much time you can spend outside when it’s 100 degrees out! Finding things to craft over the hotter months is a great way to stay occupied (and cool!) at any age level. Creating handmade cards is one of our favorite ways to get the creative juices flowing over summer vacation. Giving a custom cut out card to your loved ones is sure to stand out over any store-bought version. Why not show your love this summer vacation with a cut-out card created by hand?


What Is A Cut Out Card?

A paper cut out card is one card created using two sheets of high-quality paper! A single base sheet of paper, either folded like a traditional card or in postcard style, is overlaid with a second sheet that’s had a pattern cut out on top. The two combined pieces of paper form a design using negative space (the pieces which were cut out on top). This textured card makes a great summer gift for any occasion. You can opt for a simple thank you card that has ‘Thank You’ cut out in bold letters on the front or go detailed with an intricate design. The choice is up to you!


The Materials You Need For A Stand Out Card

Any card worth giving is made with good quality paper. Aim for a thick stock as your base sheet (the one you are not cutting out) and a slightly thinner option for the top. You’ll want the overall weight of the card to be pretty heavy. Color is entirely at your discretion! Go crazy with two bold options layered on top of one another or keep it simple with neutrals. You can even theme it with the season – an invitation card for a summer vacation pool party could feature bright blues to play off the water! In addition to your paper, make sure you have both scissors and an X acto knife handy. Depending on how detailed your card is, you may need both. A ruler is useful for keeping your sheets sized appropriately. You will need a pencil with an effective eraser to draw the card’s design. The last step should involve a glue stick, to place the two sheets together.


Designing Your Card: Freehand or Template?

There are two ways to make a paper cut out card: freehand drawing or downloading a template. Both have their perks! Templates available online offer clean printed lines for you to easily follow. The downside of these downloadable designs is they lack a personal touch. For a truly custom stand out card, consider freehand drawing the design you want. Make sure it is simple and legible. Since you have to cut out the negative parts of the card, the more details included the harder it will be. A good example would be a tree; it’s easy to cut out the overall shape of a tree but extremely challenging to do individual leaves. Use a pencil on your draft so you can erase any lines left over on the final product.


Assembling Your Summer Vacation Card

The first step in assembling your homemade card is to create your base card. Either fold or cut a single sheet of paper to be the back part of your card. Lay the second sheet of paper on top of this back part and cut it down to size. You want the top part to be slightly smaller than the back so a border is visible. Draw the design you want on the smaller sheet of paper. Using very small, cautious movements cut out the details using either scissors or an X acto knife. Be careful! X acto knives are extremely sharp. Once you’re done, erase any visible pencil lines. Glue your top sheet once it’s been completely cut out to the base card. After it dries, you can write a message inside the card or let your design speak for itself!


Having the right materials is the first step in creating any incredible cut out card over summer vacation! Please place your orders for high-quality print supplies or address any questions by phone: 702.221.2465 Or email:


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