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Find the Perfect Business Card with This Winning Guide

Find the Perfect Business Card with This Winning Guide

We live in a fast-paced world thirsty for authentic connections. Businesses more than ever are starting to establish new relationships. While digital business cards work in some situations, nothing beats the tangible feel of a physical card. Exchanging a professional contact card can establish business relations vital to your company, but making the right choice from the many options can be overwhelming. Use this quick guide to find the ideal business card for you.

Different Types of Business Cards

The types of business cards out there are only limited by your imagination. You can come up with infinite ideas. A few more common ones, however, include:

 ●     Classic Cards: You’ve seen these everywhere. They are your traditional card with a small graphic, company logo, and information. They’re great for almost any situation.

●     Social Cards: These cards focus on your social media presence. They lead the bearer to your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other primary sites, often using QR codes.

●     2-sided Cards: 2-sided cards are a great idea if you want to combine multiple types of cards into one. Among the most popular forms, use the front side as a classic card and the back as a social card to take the bearer to your web presence. Others may include note lines, calendars, appointment data, or other helpful info on the back.

●     Vertical Cards: Make an impression with vertical cards. They can be of any type: classic, social, personal, or whatever you like, but are vertically oriented instead of horizontal. It will look different from all the other cards your potential contact has received.

●     Personal Cards: Personal cards include your personal information instead of (or in addition to) your business information. Use them for select clients you trust with your home number, address, or personal cell number. They’re often presented to people of higher business status as a way of saying, “Contact me any time.”

●     Trade Cards: These use unusual materials like plastic or even metal to add an extra layer of impressive presentation. Some may even have magnetic strips that can unlock special features of your company when swiped at your store.

●     Quirky and Unusual Cards: This is a catch-all for any unique card you desire. It covers odd shapes, striking colors, graphic designs, small brochures, and other designs.

Features to Include on Your Card

Regardless of the type of card you go with, you must include some basic details. Every card needs to have your business or company logo somewhere on it. Logos identify you and your brand at a glance. Next, if your company has a tagline, include that below the logo.

Finally, you need contact details. Utilize your phone number, address, email, website, or social media information – pick how you want to communicate your brand to your future contacts. Struggling to understand what makes a good or bad business card? Find some helpful tips here.

Getting Started with Your Business Cards

Which type of card you choose depends mainly on the type of business you run. If you’d like some advice or more information about how to print your own business cards, or what ink and toners are suitable for your usage, contact Vegas Ink and Toner.

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