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Five Things to Consider When Buying a Multifunctional Printer

Five Things to Consider When Buying a Multifunctional Printer

Buying a new multifunctional printer can be the exact time- and money-saving product your office or home needs. Instead of juggling the costs of using many different single-capability devices (i.e. copier, scanner, fax machine), you can consolidate all your business tasks and expenses into a single individual device. There are many other factors, however, that need to be taken into account if you are in fact going to switch to a multifunctional printer.

Feel free to use the following five questions from Vegas Ink and Toner to help make sure you’re choosing the right product for you and your needs.

How Well Can It Print?

If you’re going to buy a new printer, obviously you want to make sure it can print pretty well. Not all businesses and individuals have the same printing needs, however, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right device to handle your workload. If you have a lot of employees, for example, you’ll need a powerful station, capable of putting out hundreds to thousands of pages a day.

You’ll also want to really examine how it prints. Can it print on different kinds of papers, such as labels, letterheads, cardstock, etc.? Can it print on both sides? Does it also print in color?

Does It Copy? Scan? Fax?

It’s not a multifunctional printer if it can’t easily copy and scan high-quality images, so you’ll always want to double-check this before purchasing a new device. Even if fax is being quickly replaced by email, your multifunctional printer should also be able to process faxes, without disrupting the other needs of the device.

Just How Big Is It?

Nobody wants a big, bulky device that gets in the way and provides a general eyesore in whatever room it finds itself. Luckily, multifunction printers come in all shapes and sizes, and if you don’t need heavy-duty printing capability, you don’t have to settle for a huge device.

What Are Its Connection Options?

When you’re constantly on the move, you need a printer that can handle workloads from anywhere. Therefore, you’ll always want to look into the connectivity of a potential multifunctional printer before purchasing it. Wireless and USB connection is the standard, but also look into setting up a server so that multiple devices, including tablets and even cell phones, can print as well. This will make you look particularly good in front of clients.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is probably the most pressing question on your mind, and it doesn’t have the clearest answer. The potential cost of a multifunctional printer depends on many factors, including the cost of printer supplies, installation and maintenance. Obviously, the size of your device and your specific printer needs will influence the cost as well.

Where Can I Find One?

Speaking directly with a printing or office supplies expert can help make sure that you’re buying the right product to fit your needs. If you’re especially serious about moving forward, why not get in touch with a representative at Vegas Ink and Toner? Don’t hesitate. Reach out, and we can work with you on a direct quote today!

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