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Get Creative With These Inspiring Photo Collage Ideas

Get Creative With These Inspiring Photo Collage Ideas

If you’re looking to create memories that will last a lifetime, a photo collage is an ideal option. Photo collages don’t need to be in a magazine or scrapbook, either. You can create a collage on your living room wall so that you’re reminded of the great times you’ve had with family and friends. It’s a great way to recall your kids’ formative years or memorialize a lost loved one. Get creative by using these collage ideas with photos and make your memories last.

1. Tile a Corner

If you have an empty corner in your room, try creating an arrangement of tiled photos. A colorful and exciting design can easily transform a space. Many printers have the ability to print pictures. Just use a straight-edge cutter (or scissors) to cut them into identical geometric shapes that fit together seamlessly.

2. Photos in a Frame

Get an old frame, remove the glass and back, and arrange your photos in the center. You can even use clothespins to hang them on a stretched wire. This radiates a rustic feel that highlights all of your favorite memories in a way that’s eye-catching and fun. 

3. Coffee Table Collage

Creating a coffee table collage is a unique way to showcase your memories. Get an coffee table with a glass top that can be removed, lift it, and glue your photos haphazardly on the inside surface. Try overlapping them and creating colorful patterns. You’ll see your memories every time you sit down to use the table.

4. Architectural Salvage or Repurposed Wood

Head out to find architectural salvage or even driftwood. Arrange it as you please and attach your pictures in all different sizes and shapes. This is a great way to create memories and add a rustic, traditional look to your home. Old mirror frames, mantelpieces, pillars, and broken pieces of wood are great bases for a grand photo collage. Just don’t forget to sand and lacquer your pieces! 

Ready to create a fantastic photo collage? You’ll need the right printer, ink, and paper first. Contact Vegas Ink and Toner to learn what you need to get started today. 

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