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Get the Client With a Good Business Card

Get the Client With a Good Business Card

A good business card can mean the difference between a casual contact and an ongoing client. The right business card can impress a potential lead, provide them an easy way to contact you, and let them know who you are and what you stand for. Learn why you should have a business card on you at all times, what makes one good or bad, and where to get them in Las Vegas.


Why You Should Always Have a Business Card

There’s a reason why “Can I have your card?” is such a common question in the business world. While many people have moved to e-cards, printed business cards still play a powerful role. If you don’t have either, you could get left out in the cold. A stunning and attention-grabbing card will turn heads and create a memorable impression while effectively communicating your contact details at a glance.


What Makes a Good Business Card?

A sound business card is, above all, eye-catching. When designing your business card, use vibrant colors and make your company logo visible. Be sure it communicates your role and what your company stands for.

It must also clearly state your contact details. It should have your name, phone number, email, street, and website address. Other essential details should be front and center in readable fonts that aren’t too small.


Your business card should also have a tagline that says who you are and serves as a hook to stick in people’s minds. Don’t go overboard on this. Keep it snappy, punchy, and very much related to who you are and what your business is.

Think of ways to convince people to connect with you. For example, your card could offer a discount on a client’s first purchase or an invitation to visit your business. You could also use a QR code to make it easy for people to connect to a mailing list, website, video, or another digital platform.


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What Makes a Bad Business Card?

The biggest crime a business card can commit is being plain and unengaging. If your card looks like everyone else’s, you’ve made a mistake. However, don’t go overboard with bright and garish colors or designs. That puts flash over functionality, and it’s best to find balance. Lastly, if you must put yourself on the card, do something to make yourself look positive.

Speaking of making yourself look positive, be sure your name and your contact info are readable. Don’t have them play second fiddle to all the graphics. The whole point of your card is to show who you are.

Another mistake is failing to have a call to action on your business card. Remember to add that discount offer or some other sort of added value. Finally, lousy business cards look cheap. Don’t create your cards with a discounted service. Be sure that your card is clear, crisp, and well-printed on heavy stock.


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