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Why You Should Go Green with Your Ink Cartridges

Why You Should Go Green with Your Ink Cartridges

The paperless office is a dream that we’ll likely never fulfill. The problem with this is that office printing—and even home printing—can produce a lot of waste. Still, it’s not something we’re going to get away from any time soon. Printing is a necessity for our daily businesses, whether it’s contracts, records, fliers or pamphlets.

What is a company looking to be more environmentally friendly to do? Let’s look at some reasons why you should go green with ink cartridges, and how you can accomplish this to be more eco-friendly in your daily practices.

Far too much waste

Toner cartridges have a major impact on our planet. On average, a laser printer produces up to 100 pounds of waste annually. Most of this waste is related to the cartridge use. In addition, different kinds of printer cartridges produce a number of harmful substances—packaging is made from wood, plastic comes from crude oil, steel from ore and the like.

Cartridges and landfills

It’s startling, but less than 40% of all cartridges are recycled. The rest of these end up in landfills where they cause soil contamination and take literally centuries to decompose (if they ever do). This amounts to over 150 million pounds of plastic from ink cartridges alone in landfills. Engaging in sustainable practices can reduce thousands of tons of waste from the environment.

Recycle cartridges

If you’re looking for a way to be more eco-friendly and reduce waste overall, adopt streamlined and sustainable printing practices related to your cartridges. One way to do this is to ensure that your cartridges are recycled. Don’t just throw away cartridges—one cartridge is thrown out every 8 seconds across the U.S., and it’s a major source of waste and environmental damage.

If your cartridges don’t come with a recycle option, a quick Internet search in your community should turn up services willing to do it for you. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Reusing ink cartridges

Since printing is essential to your day-to-day operations, one of the best ways to reduce and eliminate waste is to reuse your existing cartridges. Many people still don’t realize that you can refill ink cartridges.

While you can do this on your own at home, the process is risky, and it can actually create more waste. In addition, leaky cartridges can ruin your printer if the process isn’t done right. Your best bet is to use a professional source for ink refill in Henderson, Nevada.

Ink cartridges refill in Las Vegas

Professional ink cartridges refill in Las Vegas are your best bet to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate waste, and ensure that the refilled cartridges you’re using are filled properly so that they won’t leak and damage your printer. If you’re in the Las Vegas region in need of ink refill Henderson, Nevada, Vegas Ink and Toner can help with professionally-refilled cartridges that are affordable and as reliable as new. Call on Vegas Ink and Toner today for more information.

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