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Holiday Printing: Decorating Your Classroom for the Season

Holiday Printing: Decorating Your Classroom for the Season

Holiday cheer shouldn’t be relegated to only inside the home! Children spend on average eight hours or more in the classroom, and it’s important to keep their environment as engaging as possible. Yes, they’re excited about the long break (you probably are, too!), but having a seasonal classroom is about keeping the excitement inside the classroom while they’re there. There’s no reason that your decorations can’t also be learning tools, and with our holiday printing tips, we’ve got the best ways to decorate your classroom for the season!

Every great classroom has a grand entrance. Boring doors don’t do anything to get kids excited about coming in and learning, and the holidays are the perfect time to spice things up. The popular trend of wrapping your door in bright Christmas wrapping paper gets an upgrade this year with printing and cutting out ornaments that feature the little one’s names, holiday wishes, or even the subjects that will be taught that day! This can be done either as a surprise to them or involve them by cutting out the ornaments yourself and filling them in with their favorite thing about your class!

Traditional ring garland can take a backseat when it comes to decorating your classroom for the season. The circle garlands, which are popular in classrooms across the world due to the teamwork involved in making them and the ease with which they can be done, can be revamped for the holidays with a few simple tricks. Consider using specialty paper instead of classic construction and print off fun patterns to cut out into the ‘loops.’ You could shape the loops into a Christmas ornament shape instead of a circle, or even create a kindness garland by printing off an ornament-shaped template for children to write in what their acts of kindness for the season are. Your home printer is perfect for integrating unique patterns or interactive features into the decor!

While simple printed decorations such as ornaments or snowflakes are easy to do, sometimes it’s good to let the kids have a little fun with it. Using your home printer and some quality paper, print out snowflake templates and have them work on their hand-eye coordination by cutting out anatomically correct flakes! Decorate your classroom using these on the walls, chalkboard, or hanging from the ceiling. Do fun pop quizzes by printing off holiday-themed bingo cards and use questions from the latest reading to have kids mark off the answers. The options are endless when you have a quality home or office printer and a little creativity!

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