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How Does Printing Remain Eco-Friendly?

How Does Printing Remain Eco-Friendly?

It’s every companies’ responsibility to ensure they’re as eco-friendly as possible. Not only do modern consumers seek out eco-conscious or green companies, but the future of our planet is dependent on whether or not we can maintain a livable level of consumption. The printing industry hasn’t been left out of the race to find sustainable business practices, despite being associated with waste. Here’s how printing remains eco-friendly.


Long-Lasting Equipment Makes Turnover Low

New printers come out every year, just like any other type of tech. However, one way printing aims to be sustainable is by creating equipment intended to last for a long time. Certain types of tech, such as cell phones, are designed with planned obsolescence in mind. They’re built to only last a set amount of time before being replaced. While printers continue to come out with new tech every year, the machines are built to last. Investing in a high-quality printer means you don’t have to replace it for years to come. With fewer machines replaced, fewer are stuck in landfills. Longevity does double the duty of reducing tech waste and being cost-effective for consumers.


Recycled Materials Make Up More Paper

One of the biggest criticisms of the printing industry has been the deforestation associated with paper products. While printing takes what we consider an unfair share of the blame, as many other products are made with paper that contributes to deforestation, the printing industry is still trying to address paper usage. Printers are now equipped to handle thinner paper, which requires less raw material. Most printers also can print double-sided, which cuts the form needed in half per print job. The copy paper itself is also increasingly made from recycled materials, making it easy for consumers to choose an eco-friendly alternative to traditional writing.


Recycling Programs Minimize Waste

Arguably the most significant way printing remains eco-friendly is by recycling old cartridges. Printer cartridges are made of plastic, and if not recycled, they’ve chucked in a landfill. Recycling programs take the cartridges, cleans them out, and puts in new ink or toner. These can then be reused, often for a discounted rate. Not only does a recycling program massively cut down on waste, but it can also be cost-effective!


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