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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out?

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out?

Today’s job market is inundated with competition. Recruiters get hundreds of resumes for every job opening. Standing out is crucial if you want to land a position. One of the easiest ways to keep your application on the top of a recruiters’ mind is by having a stunning resume. Your resume is the first representation of you that a recruiter sees, making that piece of paper into a literal first impression. Having a resume that positively stands out is the best way to say ‘I’m the candidate you want’. We’ve put together our top tricks on how to make that happen!


Resume Building 101: Pay Attention to the Details

With hundreds of other applicants, you don’t want to fail by poor grammar. Many people get caught up in the aesthetic of a resume, but the content is more important than the look. No one wants to hire a candidate who appears to have poor writing skills. A simple proofread through your resume for grammar goes a long way. Fix any misspellings or awkward phrases. Your resume should be an easy-to-digest snapshot of what you’ve accomplished professionally thus far, so keep the text relatively short. Bullet points are an excellent way to concisely highlight achievements without overwhelming the page!


Representing Yourself Through a Customized Resume

To show off how perfectly your glass slipper fits the company, customize your resume to lean towards the specific job you’re applying for. Customizing your resume allows you to relate your existing talents to the position. Highlight your skills without being overconfident. No one likes a braggart! Tell the recruiter in simple terms what you can bring to the table better than the other candidates. For a graphic design job, this may mean talking about a rare tool you’re accustomed to using or recent achievement. Sales position candidates can shine a spotlight on their past sales growth to stand out. Tailor your resume to what makes you special!


Standing Out Through Research

Nothing makes a recruiter happier than a candidate who knows the company. Doing your research into the company’s history, values, and culture will do you a world of good. On your resume, reflect the companies’ voice through your own. Bring up shared values to showcase how you’d fit with the existing team. Certain current employees may even have their resumes available online; if so, take advantage of this. By researching the current employees’ talents, you know what common ground you have. You may even find keywords on their resume which match up to your skills. Call attention to this research on your resume and you’re sure to impress.


Bring High-Quality Printed Copies

So your resume nailed you for an interview – congratulations! Now for the most important part: the printed copy. Handing your printed resume over in an interview is a time-honored tradition. While the digital copy of your resume made enough of an impression to put you in the running. The physical copy is a more visceral representation of who you are. You’ll want to print on high-quality resume paper, available at any quality print shop. Keep the colors neutral for both paper and ink. A white, cream, or ivory thick paper with black ink is the best starting option. From there you can explore creative tweaks such as a parchment texture. Keep copies in a strong folder where they won’t bend or tear. Handing a pristine resume copy to the interviewer is an excellent way to stand out! With these tips, you’re sure to land the job. For more information on how to tailor your resume and other related blogs contact Vegas Ink and Toner.

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