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How to Merge the World of Digital and Print in 2019

How to Merge the World of Digital and Print in 2019

It’s not uncommon for magazines to print columns about how ‘digital marketing is the wave of the future.’ What’s funny about that sentence is the person in this instance who’s reading about digital marketing is reading it in a tangible form: a magazine. An often unseen evolution in our world is the merging of digital and print, and although it’s often unseen, it’s no less valuable. Print is alive and well in 2019 and knowing how to merge it is crucial. When something is on a screen, it can be muted or scrolled past. A printed advertisement forces you to acknowledge its presence, just like a photo displayed on your mantle is more visible than one hanging out in your ‘Pictures’ app. It could be a benefit or a negative, but all press is good press, isn’t it?

Merging the worlds of digital and print is more straightforward than it seems. Think of the humble business card; your business card most likely has your necessary contact information and probably a company logo. Looking at it, it might not particularly engage the user. However, they have looked at it. One of the simplest, smallest ways to merge the digital and print world is to incorporate your digital presence into your printed one. Start small, with a business card. If you think it through, wouldn’t it be a more engaging card if you had a QR code printed on it which, when scanned, presents a coupon for your business? By thinking through the process and engaging a user on multiple platforms with one published piece of material, you’re creating a lasting impression. 

Speaking of coupons, let’s talk about mailers. When the word ‘mailers’ comes up, you probably either think of weekly ads which inform you about upcoming sales, or an email blast that tells you of a policy change, coupon, or feature on a site you frequent. Mailers are a seamless way to incorporate the two worlds of digital and print; a mailer that a client receives in their physical inbox could offer an immediate reward in the form of a special discount and throw in future rewards if the client goes to their website. With just one printed piece, you receive double the exposure to clients. Should you be in charge of a business, this could expand your clientele exponentially.

Granted, merging the worlds of print and digital media aren’t limited to just advertising and marketing strategies. It can also be incorporated into your personal life. If you’re the type of person to keep scrapbooks, you can look into building a personal website that displays all of your photos at the click of a button. A fanatical planner might throw away their spiral-bound book in favor of one of the many calendar apps available for Android or iPhone. The ways to blend the digital world with the printed-out, hard copies are endless. With nearly everything from work documents, to marketing pieces, to personal memories, you can both hold a warm copy, fresh from your home printer, in your hands and share it with the digital world through technology. 

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