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How to Wirelessly Print from Your Smartphone

How to Wirelessly Print from Your Smartphone

Gone are the days when you had to be seated at a computer to print something out! Moving printers away from cables and into the wireless world was the first step which has ultimately culminated in being able to print directly from your smartphone. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, you can wirelessly print in just a few short steps!


1. Set Up the Wi-Fi

Regardless if you’re using an Android device or an Apple one, you will need to make sure both your phone and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Your printer shouldn’t have much opportunity to bounce around networks since it stays in one place, but your phone may need to be synced up. Select the Wi-Fi option which lines up with the desired printer and connect to it on your phone.


2. Find the Right App

Where Android and iPhone differ is which app they use to wirelessly print. Apple products are a bit ahead of the game and offer ‘AirPrint’ pre-installed on all their devices. If you’re working with an Android, make sure to have ‘Google Cloud Print’ installed. This is the app that connects your smartphone to the printer.


3. Avoid Third-Party Apps

If you’re trying to print wirelessly and notice there are a lot of apps on the market offering to provide the best wireless printing experience… Run away! Google Cloud Print and the pre-installed AirPrint for Apple are the best options. Third-party apps may work, but it’s better not to gamble with your documents’ security.


4. Check Your Printer’s Compatibility

Not all printers are set to wirelessly print. Some models may be older and not have the most updated technology. A few of the cheaper desktop options on the market are within the technological time frame for wireless printing but don’t have the capability. If you can’t find out whether or not your printer is compatible with wireless printing, give the team at Vegas Ink & Toner a call! With experience in every major brand, they’ll be able to help you in no time.


5. Select What You’re Wirelessly Printing 

PDF, photo, or document; all get wirelessly printed the same way! For iPhones or iPads, you can print directly from the item. Say you have an email that has a Word document attached. You can select the Word document and under the options which pop up on your phone will be ‘print’. Select that and your printer will shoot out a beautiful copy of the document. Android phones may be a bit more difficult; depending on what type of document or image you’re printing the ‘print’ button may be under ‘share’ or ‘more options’. This depends on your device, but your print supply company can always help walk you through it! For any of your printing needs contact Vegas Ink and Toner.

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