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Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer Should You Buy?

Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer Should You Buy?

Like with any major piece of technology, you have a variety of options for your home and office printer. Printers have a huge market, and the cost varies from budget-friendly to downright indulgent. There are different sizes and fancy features, basic and artificially intelligent. With so many options, how do you know what to choose? Printers come down to two different types (for the most part): inkjet and laser. Your individual needs will determine which printer type will work best for you, and we’re here to break down what makes them different and how to decide which printer you should buy.

How They Work

Laser and inkjet printers both achieve the same end goal: they print. Both will run documents and photos with relative ease, but each one has their own specialty. Laser printers work by using toner, which is a colored powder compressed into a cartridge. The powder is deposited onto the page using lasers (hence the name) and then heated just enough to bond it to the paper. Because of the toner’s delivery to the paper, it produces extremely clear lettering, making it an ideal option for someone who prints a lot of documents. Inkjet printers are exactly what they sound like; they use a liquid ink cartridge to essentially paint a picture onto a piece of paper. The wide variety of colors available from mixing the ink, and the soft application to paper, make inkjet printers the perfect option for artists or photographers. Inkjet doesn’t work quite as well when printing large amounts of documents, as the ink doesn’t always behave in a manner suited for the harsh lines of text. Liquid can blur or even smudge, so inkjet usually has a smaller printing capacity and works a bit slower.

Cost Difference

Cost is always a factor when purchasing equipment and inkjet printers have different associated costs than laser printers. Inkjet printers have a significantly cheaper up-front cost, as the technology needed to run them is simpler than laser. Quality printing supply shops will have a wide variety of printers in all price points, but inkjet tends to be the more budget-friendly choice for the initial cost. Laser printers are more technologically advanced which requires a hefty price tag, but the cost is negated relatively quickly by the more affordable cartridges. Ink cartridges have long been a running joke in the print industry due to how pricey they are, so if you’re someone who prints a lot of items you might want to lean towards a laser option.

What to Expect

Overall, you should consider your expected use prior to buying a printer. The fancy laser models might look nice in your office, but if you only print a few photos each week it’ll be a waste of money. Large offices which find themselves churning through multiple reams of paper each week will get easily frustrated at the slow output and high ink costs from an inkjet printer. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can always find what you need at Vegas Ink & Toner. With a wide selection of options at any price point, we’re happy to help you find your perfect printer fit. Contact Vegas Ink and Toner at 702-850-7703 for immediate assistance.

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