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Las Vegas Printer Repair Tips: How to Troubleshoot Printer Problems

Las Vegas Printer Repair Tips: How to Troubleshoot Printer Problems

There are few things that are more frustrating than a printer that won’t print properly, leading you to call Las Vegas printer repair. As much as we’d all love to move to the entirely paperless office, that’s not realistically likely to happen in the foreseeable future. We rely on our printers, and that’s a fact of life.

So what do you do when your printer isn’t working? Are there things you can do on your own to try and fix the issue? Sometimes there are. Check out these tips for troubleshooting problems, provided by printer experts to help you get up and running again smoothly and fast.

Best Printer Repair Starts with the Basics

The best printer repair solutions always begin with the easiest, most basic things. You’d be amazed how often the solution to your printer issue is something easy. Make sure the device is plugged in and turned on. Check to see if it’s connected to the computer or to the network. Check to see if you’ve got the proper printer selected when you print. Checking the basics can save you a great deal of time fiddling with inner workings.

Paper Supply or Jams

Check the paper supply in the printer. Make sure it’s got paper in it, and that there aren’t any paper jams. It’s amazing how often a single tiny scrap of paper hiding in the works can muck the whole thing up. Pull out the paper and reseat it in the tray. Go through the process of clearing jams and carefully inspect to be sure no scraps are in the way.

Ink and Toner Issues

Make sure that you’re not out of ink. Even if you’re trying to print in black and white, some printers require color cartridges to be installed and have ink in them. Your computer should allow you to check the properties of your printer to ensure that there is ink handy. Some printers have a display that will also indicate critically low ink levels.

Print Queue

Sometimes an old print job errored out and didn’t clear from the queue. This can cause future printing to jam up. Open up the printer queue and check to be sure there aren’t any old documents that are showing errors and stalling jobs behind them. You may be able to delete these; otherwise, shutting down and unplugging your printer for a few minutes and then plugging it back in may clear the memory.

Diagnostics and Drivers

Run your printer’s diagnostics program and update the drivers, if necessary. Often, these programs will allow you to troubleshoot issues right in the computer environment and show you easy fixes.

Printer Repair in Henderson

If the above easy troubleshooting steps don’t work, you may want to call for experienced printer repair in Henderson. Our printer experts can take care of tough issues and get your printer running like new once more. For more information or to schedule an appointment to bring your printer in for repairs, give us a call for help today!


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