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Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers

Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers

Looking to buy a new printer for your home or office? Then you are probably asking a question that has been asked by lots of other people: Should I buy a laser or Inkjet printer—which is of the best ink printers in Las Vegas?

The truth is, there are pros and cons to both. It generally comes down to a couple of usage categories and what fits better for your home or business. Let’s compare Inkjets and laser printers and see which is the best photo printer for your needs.

Color vs. Black and White Prints

What is the main use of your printer going to be? Lots of color prints and flyers, or mostly black and white documents? Whichever is your primary reason for needing a printer, this information can make a difference in your ultimate printer-purchasing decision.

If printing in color is going to be your main objective, then most small businesses and homes are going to want an inkjet printer. Why? To put it simply—the cost. Color laser jet printers that produce quality prints are very expensive. While the cost of a good inkjet printer is in the hundreds, good color laser printers run into the thousands.

Unless you are going to be extraordinary amounts of photos or color flyers, the cost investment for a color laser printer just doesn’t make sense.

Printing Speed

How fast do you need your printing done? If you are just doing school papers and the occasional resume, your needs are going to be quite different than an office that needs to print out published multi-colored documents.

The average inkjet printer can print black and white pages at a rate of about 6-20 pages per minute. Laser printers are much faster, reaching impressive speeds of 45 pages a minute on the high end.

If you don’t see speed as a major issue, then you should stick with the inkjet. If slow printers are going to slow your business down, laser is the way to go.

Ink Smudges

Laser printers work with a device called a fuser. The fuser actually heats the ink onto the page making it very hard for it to smudge or run.

Inkjets need time for the ink to dry on the page as it is sprayed on by the printer head. These types of pages can easily run and even smudge as they come out of the printer. Inkjets have gotten better over time, but if smudging or ink quality is a factor in your printing, consider purchasing a laser-operated device instead.

Printing Load

Put simply, laser printers are built for large printing loads. They can hold more paper, they print faster and a toner cartridge lasts for thousands of prints. Inkjets usually hold a couple hundred sheets of paper and can quickly run out of ink.

If you are going to be doing high volume printing, then a laser printer is your best option. For smaller volumes, the savings you can get from an inkjet is quite worth it.

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