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Picking a High Volume Printer for Business

Picking a High Volume Printer for Business

Whether need a high-volume printer because you’ve seen growth for your business, or your current one makes you want to throw it out the door, you’ll need to take a number of factors into consideration. Find a reliable brand that makes it intuitive to learn how to mass print and has a long history of reliability. Check out the best high-volume printer options for business and where you can go for more advice.

What to Look for in a High Volume Printer

In your search for the best high-volume printer for business, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. First, you’ll want a printer with automation that streamlines your workflow, runs many software packages, and makes printer setup simple. Consider the ease of cloud connectivity and mobile printing when making your choice. Having printer access from anywhere in the office using your phone or laptop speeds up workflow. Finally, you’ll want a printer that saves energy. Green is the way to go, and there are simple ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

HP Printers

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the leading manufacturers of printers for homes and businesses and has been for decades. They offer nearly 100 options for business printers, all of which are capable of delivering high volume with outstanding quality at equally high speeds.

HP quality goes above and beyond printing – they are one of the most economical printer companies. You’ll be able to choose from inkjet or laser printers to get the best option for your company knowing a great many of their printers are Energy Star certified. 

Xerox Printers

Xerox is a classic legacy name in business printing, and for decades they’ve been the go-to brand for bulk printing. The majority of Xerox printers are multifunctional – capable of handling printing, faxing, photocopying, and scanning all from one device. Many printers have more impressive capabilities such as hole punching, trimming, and binding. These are great features for offices needing professional paper production: CPA Office, Law Office, and more.

Xerox printers are built for bulk. These workhorse printers hand huge amounts of work well with the trade-off of price and space.

Brother Printers

Brother business printers offer low-cost printing with productivity and reliability. A unique printing feature with Brother printers is security to protect your network. Monochrome laser printing, color laser printing, and color ink printing name a few of the available Brother printer types. They offer high-capacity ink and toner cartridges, and their higher-end printers hold more than 500 pages in their paper tray. With the all-in-one capabilities, the Brother Printers make for ideal budget-friendly options.

Find more details about these printers in our blog: How to Pick the Best Printer for Color Flyers.

Where to Go for Help, Advice, and Supplies

If you need supplies for your printer, or you’d like more advice about how to mass print with your high-volume printer, we’re ready to help. Vegas Ink and Toner serves Las Vegas business owners so they have the quality printers they need. With supply chain issues, we are here to help you make the best choice for you. Learn more at or give us a call today!

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