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Print Marketing is Very Much Alive

Print Marketing is Very Much Alive

Print Marketing in the Age of Digital

Nowadays, you can find everything online. Magazines, newspapers, and even books are turning to the digital world. So how is print marketing still alive? Especially when many in the marketing world will say, “print is dead!” Print continues to stand its ground in the digital age, and we found some very compelling reasons why:

People Still Prefer Traditional Mail

Most of everyone loves digital advertising. It is easy, and you can help save on wasted paper; but unlike paper, digital is easy to ignore. 80% of people still agree they open up their mail and at least skim through everything, giving all those advertisements a chance to be looked over. Whereas with digital, many agree if it looks like an advertisement — they don’t even open up the email and send it to their delete folder.

Print is Forever

We don’t know about you, but we have some magazines dated back to 2011 still hanging out on our coffee table. Magazines get saved, passed around, used for vision boards, and read over and over again. Sometimes it’s just nice not to be on your phone and look at old trends and ideas or whatever may be popular now. Print is memorable.

Our Brains Prefer Print

With so much data now from all the digital mediums available, our brains have access to a lot more and are forcing us to process a lot more information when we skim through emails, social media, etc.

When marketing your brand, product, or client, you need to think outside of the box and make sure people separate you from all the others. It has been found that at least 88% of consumers retained information better when consumed on paper, versus viewing it on an electronic device.

Print Demands Attention

Who can admit that their attention has been easily distracted while trying to multitask? You’ll go from proofing fliers for work even to viewing puppies making funny noises and be lost in the digital void for longer than expected. It happens to the best of us.

With print content, you get hooked. You read from start to finish before you decide if that was or was not worth your time.

While we cannot dispute that digital marketing is the most common choice of marketing right now, it is not the only choice. Print marketing is holding strong and is still catching the reader’s eyes.

Come into Vegas Ink & Toner or give us a call if you are thinking about print marketing. We can get you a quote regardless if it’s for a few copies of an ad or 50,000 per month, and we can help!





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