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Printable Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Printable Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Time to check your ink and toner levels, because your printer is going to get some use this St. Patrick’s Day! The Irish-based holiday is more than just an excuse to eat corned beef and cabbage and wear that green shirt you love – it’s a great time to bring friends and family together. Although it’s considered one of the smaller holidays (shamrocks definitely won’t be competing with your Christmas decorations), there’s a wide variety of ways to celebrate the day that won’t cost you much and can most likely be completed using materials you already have in your home. Check out a few of our printable ideas for St. Patrick’s Day below!

Children have always played a big part in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day; we all remember that fateful year that we forgot to wear green and spent the whole school day getting pinched by our classmates, don’t we? Keep your kids pinch-free this year by printing out some pinch-proof bracelets! This simple project can be created from scratch using any design software, or even Microsoft Word, or you can download a template off of the Internet. Simply print off some bracelets on a standard sheet of construction or craft paper (make sure they have green somewhere in them!), have the kids cut the paper into strips, and staple the ends to ensure the kids stay pinch-free the whole day.

If the wearing-green part of the holiday is already covered but you still want to do something fun to celebrate, try creating your own coloring book. Templates are available on any craft site, and you can print using almost any kind of paper. For something a bit more creative, try printing out your coloring book on colored or craft paper. Once you have your sheets assembled, staple the edges together or hole punch and tie with themed ribbon, and let your kids and some crayons handle the rest!

Home décor is an essential part of keeping festive for any holiday. There’s an old Irish toast that says ‘May your home be always too small to hold your friends’, and we think that there was never a sweeter sentiment said. Before you start your St. Patrick’s Day party this year, print out a beautiful, calligraphy version of the Irish toast and put it in a frame to create some affordable artwork that will have your friends asking where you bought it. If you don’t have any spare frames lying about, don’t worry – create a banner by printing out individual letters that spell out ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ and tie them together with ribbon. Play around with the shapes while cutting out your banner letters to create pennant-shaped or even shamrock-shaped sheets for extra festivity.

Keep in mind that these are only a few ways that your home printer can be useful in celebrating. Your printer can be used to create lunch box cards, stickers, word find puzzles, and even bingo cards! Mix it up with different papers, fonts, or design tools to create lasting memories that your family and friends will cherish forever.



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