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Printer Ink Refills: How to Buy the Right Ink Cartridge

Printer Ink Refills: How to Buy the Right Ink Cartridge

Where you find computers, you’ll also find printers, and where you find printers, you need supplies, including printer ink refills. Buying the right ink cartridges can be frustrating. Everyone dreams of the paperless world, but unfortunately, its many decades away, if it ever arrives at all.

You try to save money and end up with a substandard product. It’s crucial to avoid typical buying errors. Eliminate the confusion and frustration of ink cartridge refills in Las Vegas with these tips and tricks for buying the right ink cartridge for your printer.

Read the Manual and Know What You Need

Ink cartridges are not one-size-fits-all. Every printer has its own specific size, shape and capacity and if you don’t know what you need you’re going to frustrate yourself and the printer experts you’re working with to get your desperately-needed cartridges. Read the computer manual and learn not only how to change the cartridge, but the product number of the cartridge you need — an XL-500 won’t fit into a printer that needs an XL-91.

You Get What You Pay For (Sometimes)

Many people wonder whether or not they can save money by just buying a refill kit. These DIY outfits provide ink that they claim you can use to refill your existing cartridges, at a steep discount. Here’s the problem — you don’t have the right equipment to do the job properly, and if you don’t use the right equipment and techniques, your cartridges can leak or rupture, which can cost you hundreds of dollars in repair or even replacing your printer.

Consider Bulk Buying

Buying your ink cartridges in bulk will absolutely cost you more up front, but you can often safe a great deal of money in the long run as the “per cartridge” price will drop, sometimes significantly. It will also be a lot longer before the need to buy cartridges pops up again, and it never hurts to have spares when your printer runs out without warning and you’ve got a document that sorely needs to be printed.

In addition, you’d be surprised how often manufacturers discontinue products. Having spares can allow you to squeeze more life out of your printer.  

Don’t Overpay

That being said, there’s often nothing wrong with refurbished printer cartridges, if they’re sold by a reputable company. Spend some time researching the best ink refill in Las Vegas before you just jump on any old third-party replacement. However, if you do the right homework and find the best available supplier, you can save a great deal of money. Imagine paying $17 per cartridge instead of $30 or $40! The savings really can be that steep.

Ink Cartridge Refills in Las Vegas

Choosing the right printer ink refills can make the difference between a long life of high print quality, or spending tons of money on constant replacements and even printer breakdowns and repairs. You want a service staffed by printer experts who can provide the best printer ink refills for your system, completely compatible and ready to go. Check out Vegas Ink and Toner products and services, and get in touch with us for help with your printer issues today!

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