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Printer Tips: Print a Halloween Mask

Printer Tips: Print a Halloween Mask

Entertaining large groups of young children during the most sugar-filled month of the year can be a chore if you don’t have spooky amounts of time on your hands, but our printer tips for creating Halloween masks will help make your yearly party a breeze. One of the best ways to keep every kid entertained is by having them craft, and Halloween provides great opportunities to stretch their creative muscles!

One of the newest Halloween traditions is printing your own paper masks and letting the classroom, family, or party color them to their liking. The wide variety of templates available online, from fan-favorite characters like Star Wars’ Kylo Ren to classics such as Frankenstein, make it easy for kids to pick their favorite character or design, and coloring them in how they’d like never fails to keep the project creative and fun! Check out our best insider printer tips for printing your own Halloween masks this year below.

Keep Up Your Machine Maintenance

Nothing can make you feel worse than having to tell excited youngsters that they can’t do an activity they’ve been looking forward to. Make it easy on yourself and avoid the tears this year by keeping up on your home printer maintenance. If you’ve let it slip a bit and are not using one of our maintenance programs, not a problem: we offer repair services at great prices.

No Flimsy Paper Allowed

Using standard printer paper can result in flimsy masks that tear or wear through once the crayons get going. Keep your Halloween masks sturdy by choosing a cardstock or a heavyweight paper. All office supply stores keep at least a few varieties of cardstock, and many have patterned or colored variations. Use this to your advantage and come prepared with a variety of options for the party to choose from!

Clean Up Made Easy

Using a hole punch and yarn to create the mask ties has traditionally been the go-to way of keeping masks on the face, but you’ll be finding the tiny paper circles around your house for weeks after. This year, skip the clean up hassle of hunting down those dots and use a glue stick to attach popsicle sticks to the side of each mask. This has the added bonus of making the masks easier to share if there is only a few of each design!

No matter how you handle your Halloween crafts, we here at Vegas Ink and Toner are here to help. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer all your questions, and are happy to give you plenty of printer tips for all of your projects!

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