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Printer Tips: How to Print Thanksgiving Décor

Printer Tips: How to Print Thanksgiving Décor

How do you warm up your home for Thanksgiving without touching the thermostat? By using our printer tips to print your own Thanksgiving décor, of course! There is a wide variety of free, printable templates online that will help you decorate your home with festive, cheerful additions to the dinner table. Whether you’re interested in printing out activities for the kids to color before dinner, creating personal flair with customized seating cards, or creating gorgeous works of art with the click of a button, our printer tips are here to help you!


Adding a personal touch to your holidays can be a great way to let your creativity shine, but there’s no reason that you can’t also save time by using a template online. A simple Google search will turn up hundreds of free, printable templates that you can use to either print off already complete decorations, or create something that has a flair for the unique. Of course, there’s a right and a wrong way to printing off Thanksgiving decor, no matter how big or small the project is.


The first step to creating any great printed work of art always begins with the paper. Depending on your project, a basic white card stock combined with a color cartridge may do, but you can also throw in some luxury with paper specifically designed for a project such as, say, table cards. Paper manufacturers make it easy for you to entertain with a variety of options that include varying perforation, thickness, color, and even texture. Make sure to double check with one of our experts before using a custom paper, as some printers are not capable of easily running through certain paper textures, and we would hate to see you get a jam before the holidays!


Optimizing your print settings can also make a huge difference between an obvious DIY or the envy of all your party guests. We’ve talked before about easy ways to save toner and ink, but you may want to consider turning off the lower DPI settings before hitting print on your Thanksgiving projects. A higher resolution will mean a crystal clear image, which can make a world of difference on small pieces such as napkin rings.


Of course, making sure you have the right equipment before diving in is most important for any project. Before the holidays roll around, check with our friendly staff to make sure that your printer maintenance is up to date, your ink and toner are well-stocked, and your equipment is ready for the job. We’re always here to help you have the best holidays yet!

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