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Printing Experts: Do Laser Printers Use Ink?

Printing Experts: Do Laser Printers Use Ink?

Purchasing a printer can be a big financial decision. You want to make sure you get the right type of printer for your individual needs before spending money. There are two main types of printers available on the market: inkjet and laser. Many people don’t know the differences between the two. Each option has a plethora of benefits to consider as well as a few setbacks. For example: what’s the initial cost? Does a laser printer use ink, driving the long term price up? Will it fit in my current office? Take a deep breath! Our printing experts are here to help you make the perfect printer choice.

Two Types of Printers, Two Types of Ink

The first hurdle you’ll face when purchasing a printer is: do I get an inkjet or laser model? To make the right choice, you would need to know what the differences are. Inkjet is usually a bit cheaper on the front end, whereas laser leans a bit more costly. Inkjet printers work just as the name indicates. Liquid ink is pulled from a cartridge inside the printer and placed on a page to form an image or text after it’s then dried as it exits the printer. Laser printers work in a similar matter but with a few key differences. Both options have their pros and cons, the most important of which is often cost. As you may know, the priciest point of owning a printer is usually the ink. So, do laser printers even use ink?

A Different Beast: Laser Printers and Their Powdered Ink

Laser printers typically have a higher upfront cost because the inner workings are more intricate. Inkjet printers have been around longer even though the mechanics aren’t quite as high tech. Laser printers, on the other hand, work through a complicated set of steps to create printed materials. The most relevant point is setting laser printers apart from inkjet is: laser printers do not use ink. Instead, they use a powdered polyester pigment called toner. When you hit print, the toner cartridges spray small amounts through a drum to imprint your image on paper. The toner is applied, then heated, then pressed to create a smudge-free print. Toner cartridges have a significantly lower cost-per-page because of the amount of material used with each sheet of paper. Toners are cost-efficient despite paying a higher price tag for the machine. A helpful tip, you can save even more on inkjet and laser cartridges by enrolling in a cartridge recycling program!

Inkjet or Laser Printer. Which One’s The Best?

In the end, the printer you choose should be tailor to your individual needs. Both laser and inkjet printers come with pros and cons. A good rule of thumb when narrowing down your choice is to consider what you’re printing. Inkjet printers produce a higher quality photorealistic image. Photographers printing their work or artists benefit from this high-quality imagery. A college student printing multiple copies of their thesis most likely won’t enjoy the high cost-per-page associated with inkjet. Laser printers are a much more economical choice because they don’t use ink. The toner used in laser printers offers a lower quality image but comparable text printing at a significantly reduced price per page. Are you feeling overwhelmed already? Not a problem! Vegas Ink and Toner have a wide variety of inkjet and laser printers available. We’re more than happy to discuss your options with you, so you feel secure in your printer purchase. For more common printing and other related tips, please contact Vegas Ink and Toner!

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