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Printing Finishes to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Printing Finishes to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

With great printing comes great impressions. Your business card is no longer a single-color rectangle with basic information printed in a boring color. No longer will your card be shoved into a Rolodex and forgotten about, because printing finishes have changed the game! Having a business card which stands out amongst the competition is crucial to staying in your potential client’s mind. Whether its cutout, foil embossed, UV treated, or printed in a unique shape, your business card can stand out above the rest. New technology means creating a custom card is more affordable than ever, and the variety of printing finishes available mean you get to let your creative side shine!


Matte or glossy: the two basic options

There are two basic options for what kind of card you’re going to have, and they each come with their advantages. A business card, with rare exception, has to be either primarily matte or glossy. Matte is the more modern option and offers an enjoyable texture while being easier to write on than gloss. Gloss’ natural shine looks high end while promoting vibrant colors, making them a perfect choice for someone who opts to include a photograph or graphic on their card. Gloss tends to be more durable than matte but since it’s more common it’s easier to get lost in the recipient’s collection. For those who can’t decide between the two, there’s a new option which blasted onto the market a few years ago: UV spot treatment. A way to add gloss accents on a matte card, this offers the best of both worlds. It might take a little more time to design, but the UV spot treatment leaves you with a stunning card every time.


Die cutting lets you play with the shape of the card

More and more people scan their business cards, as opposed to having a packed Rolodex full of contact info. Because of this, you don’t need to focus on the shape as much as you once did. Instead of going with a basic business card, you can use the die cut printing finish to give it some extra pizzazz. Your printer can create a sharpened stamp which is used to cut out either the entire card (for a unique shape, such as your companies’ logo forming the card) or a piece of it. Many companies opt to use the die cut to let specific parts of the card stand out, such as the individual’s name. The options are nearly endless!


Embossing and debossing make a cost-effective statement

For both large and small companies, being cost-conscious is a huge deal. A great way to keep your printing costs down while getting a big bang for your buck is to emboss or deboss the card. An older technique, it’s seen more and more use lately solely due to the beautiful effect. Embossing a business card is a printing technique which uses heat to raise specific portions of the card, and debossing uses a stamp to impress select areas. It can be used to highlight names, contact information, or company logos. Either option gives a business card a three-dimensional effect, making it appear more expensive than it was. No matter what you choose to do for your companies’ business card, there’s a printing finish to make it happen! Contact Vegas Ink and Toner for any of your printing needs by calling 702-850-7703.


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