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Printing Hacks: 4 DIY Thanksgiving Cards

Printing Hacks: 4 DIY Thanksgiving Cards

Cards are a longstanding tradition around the holiday season for a good reason. Whether it’s an invitation, a thank you card, or a ‘just because’ card, people love knowing their friends and family have them on the brain. Depending on your social circle’s size, purchasing premade cards can get expensive! Not only is buying your Thanksgiving cards from a store cost-prohibitive, but it also lacks a personal touch. This is why so many people choose to do it themselves. DIY Thanksgiving cards are cheaper, more personable, and a fun way to bond with your kids. In this blog, we’ll share our top 4 DIY Thanksgiving cards for your holiday season.

  1. Fingerprint Family Tree DIY Thanksgiving Card

Nothing screams ‘family time’ than making a family tree card. You can involve children of all ages in this fun (and only slightly messy) activity. To make a fingerprint family tree, you need a piece of cardstock or thick construction paper. Provided your home printer can handle printing on thick paper, consider running a message through on the inside of the card, so you don’t need to handwrite your thank you. On the outside or front of the card, make your tree by dipping each person’s finger in a different color. Make sure the colors are all fall-themed, such as red or deep green! This keeps your DIY Thanksgiving card in tune with the season. Draw a trunk and a few branches stemming out from the trunk. Then, on those branches, place each person’s colored fingerprint as the ‘leaves’. Your tree cards will be as unique as your family!

  1. Leaves Place Cards

Leaves are a powerful symbol for Thanksgiving. They’re indicative of the changing seasons, evoking the nesting feelings we have around turkey season. They also have the added bonus of being easy to cut out! Making place cards in the shape of fall leaves is a simple DIY craft project. You need some colored paper and a downloaded leaf template. Print out four leaves of one color, four leaves of a different color and smaller size, and four leaves of yet another color and an even smaller size. Cut out all your fall leaves and layer them on top of one another. On the smallest leaf, which should be on top, you can handwrite each person’s name!

  1. Pilgrim Hat Place Card

Another simple-but-fun DIY Thanksgiving place card is to make a pilgrim hat place card. The recognizable hat is made by printing out a circle within a circle to act as the brim. You’ll cut out the circle, so you’re left with a ring. Separately, paint a paper cup your hat’s desired color. Draw on or cut out as many decorations as you want; common accoutrements include a gold buckle made out of shiny paper, a cut-out of a feather, or a nice band. Glue the paper cup to the ring you cut out earlier to form the hat. You can write the seat’s intended person’s name on the brim or top of the hat!

  1. A Turkey Thank You for Thanksgiving

After everyone’s left, full of turkey and good memories, it’s nice to send a thank you card. You can make a quality thank you card using your own home printer and a bit of craftiness. To make this turkey thank you card, print out a nice message on the right side of a sheet of paper. A simple ‘thank you’ will suffice, but many people like to add in their favorite memory, a hit recipe from the night, or well wishes for next year. Once the message is printed out, fold the paper over ‘hamburger’ style. The kids can then use their hand as a guideline for the classic ‘hand turkey’ shape and color it in. Every DIY Thanksgiving thank you card done in this style is unique.

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