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Save Your Printer and Ink with These Helpful Tips

Save Your Printer and Ink with These Helpful Tips

So, you haven’t used your printer in a while. You send a page to it before discovering… it isn’t working! What’s happened? You hardly use the cartridges. One possible cause could be that they simply dried out. This leads to clogged printheads and a whole lot of frustration. Learn how you can save your printer and ink using these helpful tips and tricks.

What Causes Dry Ink?

Dry ink in printers occurs for several reasons. The biggest reason is ink cartridges drying up from infrequent use. Another reason is expired cartridges. Just like food, ink cartridges have expiration dates. When you use them after this date, you can experience issues with the printing quality.

Manually refilled cartridges also tend to be more prone to drying up, especially if they aren’t filled properly, which can lead to air in the cartridge. That’s why it’s important to be cautious about cheap ink refill cartridges. Finally, ink cartridges that have been stored in warm rooms near radiators or heating systems can become dry.

How to Prevent Ink Cartridges From Drying Out

The best way to prevent ink cartridges from drying out is to use your printer. The more frequently you use it, the less likely the cartridges are to dry because the ink will be constantly flowing. Also, keep your inks at a controlled temperature, away from direct heat like radiators or return grates. Finally, only use cartridges from a reputable dealer, and don’t buy bargain basement discount cartridge refills.

Remember, dried ink cartridges don’t just affect print quality; they can damage your printer as well, and that’s a much more expensive fix.

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Can You Fix a Printer Cartridge With Dried Ink?

The quick answer to this question is “sometimes.” There are a few methods you can try to fix dried ink cartridges and recover your printer. If you have a modern inkjet, you likely have a printhead cleaning function. It may be accessed through software on your computer, or it may be on the printer itself. Check your manual if you’re not sure. The process takes a few minutes, and you may have to do it four or five times before everything clears out.

You can also try soaking the cartridge to reconstitute the ink. To do this, place the cartridge in a bowl of warm water, making sure the head is immersed. It’s a good idea to use a bowl that you don’t mind getting stained. If the block is particularly stubborn, you can use a cotton swab and rub it across the ink heads on the cartridge while it’s submerged, stopping when the ink begins to flow. When finished, clean and dry the nozzles and cartridge with a paper towel, then put it back in the printer.

Where Can I Get New Ink?

The best way to fix a dried ink cartridge is simply to get a new one. We have a broad selection of ink cartridges for most of the commonly used printers in today’s market. For more information, contact Vegas Ink and Toner today!

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